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So I spent the pain and suffering check(2 posts)

So I spent the pain and suffering checkAhimsa
Oct 3, 2002 2:23 PM
Oh, there I was, a crisp check in my hand. They sent me a little "healing" money to get me feeling better. I told 'em I was just banged up a bit and that I'd be fine, but they insisted on sendin' 250 clams.

Well hey, that'd buy me those new brakes and levers I had me eye on. Well, that and a little of my out of pocket anyway. Sure, why not. Send me that money.

They are paying for my damaged components, and I have a guy looking the frame over for damage/alignment issues. They are paying for my wheels getting trued by my guy.

Soooooo..... the bike is fine. No med bills. 250 semolians.

Hello Webcyclery! Howdy Bikeman! Howsit goin' Colorado Cyclist?

And then......

I spent the money.

Well, sort of....I paid it toward my credit card debt.

Minus chinese for lunch.


re: So I spent the pain and suffering checkGeds
Oct 3, 2002 7:42 PM
So there is such a thing as a free (Chinese) lunch at least?

If it's any consolation, 250 smackers would be very useful on my credit card too.