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Nice dragonfly saddle on sale at Sierra Trading Post.(3 posts)

Nice dragonfly saddle on sale at Sierra Trading Post.curtybirdychopper
Oct 3, 2002 12:07 PM
If anyone in the market for a saddle, a nice one is on sale for $49. Someone posted an additional 20% off coupon code for Sierra Trading Post about a week ago that could probably still be used to bring the price down to less than 40 bucks. The saddle is probably pretty light and looks comfy--wish i had known about it before I picked one up recently.

Hope this helps someone.
here is the link, forgot to paste it...curtybirdychopper
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I have this exact saddle and only paid $35 on sale @Perfomance,jtferraro
Oct 3, 2002 12:51 PM
back in April of this year. My previous saddle was a nice, original Selle Italia Flite - the two tone black/yellow one. I don't ever remember experiencing any major discomfort w/it, but sold it this spring when I fell for the marketing hype of all these "new" saddles(cutouts/gels, etc). Although I never really felt any pain w/my original Flite, I can't say I ever rode my bike for as many hours as I do now(b/c I had never ridden on the road w/it up until this year), so it's hard to say. NEway, I had signed up for "Bike New York" and wanted to make sure I had a saddle that wasn't going to cause any harm - enter the Terry Dragonfly. I decided it was what I needed and sold my beautiful Flite on ebay. I have to admite that I've been very happy w/the Dragonfly, but on my first century I was definitely numb @the first break stop, which was only 17.4 miles in. Since then I haven't felt much discomfort though, and I've since done another century on it. It's pretty light, too - 240g? Unfotunatley, it wasn't quite as light as the Ti railed, original Flite though. The Dragonfly is well made and durable, too. I pulled into a garage thinking the bikes would clear. They almost did but the top of my saddle scraped against the concrete garage. I thought the saddle top was going to be all ripped up but, to my surprise, it was still in great shape! I think this saddle might be a bit too narrow for me though, as I'm not 100% sure my "sit bones" are taking the brunt of my weight. For that reason, and for the reason I miss my Flite, I've ordered the new, yellow, Flite Ti Gel, which should be here tomorrow! We'll see how I like it(or how my butt likes it!).