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DMT shoes - bargain? I'm sitting here with a pair of DMT(4 posts)

DMT shoes - bargain? I'm sitting here with a pair of DMTbill
Oct 3, 2002 8:45 AM
ultimax carbon soled shoes on my feet. Size 44. Retail $269, CC is closing them out for $150.
I wear a US 10 in about everything. I've got a pair of Sidi 44.5 that fit comfortably but just a tad sloppy (even with an insert), and the Sidi's are supposed to run a little smaller than the DMT's.
The DMT's feel okay, but they are just a little snug in the width. They're lorica, or whatever that stuff is, with some mesh, so that they may stretch a little but not very much. I've got room in the toe, and I think that a 44.5 would be too big.
Give me the strength, fellows. Pass up the bargain for less than perfect fit out of the box? Rock with it and sell 'em if they don't work in?
Dan, there is no need to mention this to Susan, who will mention it to my wife.
No need to mention what to Susan?djg
Oct 3, 2002 9:10 AM
Incidentally, you have to call me for the latest remote directions re your wife. Ignore at your peril.

Everybody else on the board: sorry for clogging the bandwidth. Also, this is all a joke. In fact, Bill's wife wants nothing more nor less than his complete and constant happiness and is incapable of uttering a critical word in general, much less regarding anything to do with cycling. She especially loves bike racing. Thrill of competition and all that.
In that case - don't hesitate and get them Bill ! nm853
Oct 3, 2002 9:17 AM
No, what she especially loves is the shaved legs. Shebill
Oct 3, 2002 9:43 AM
absolutely believes, in her heart of hearts, that I have lost my mind.