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What are the best pedals for knees ?(7 posts)

What are the best pedals for knees ?PeterRider
Oct 3, 2002 1:05 AM
I read good things about the speedplays. Which are the best for the knees, the mtb frogs or the x-... ? Are the x-3/2/1 series the same except for weight and price, or are they also functionally different ?

Also, if the frogs are better for the knees, can I put the cleats on road shoes, or do I absolutely need mtb shoes ?

Last question, I currently use the cheap Look 206, will I see the difference ? I like them, the only thing is that my knees hurt when I do lots of climbing. I have a triple chainring setup and use all gears including the small ones, but if a change of pedals can also improve the situation it would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for advice !

Don't know about u, but I pedal with my feet.....Iwannapodiumgirl
Oct 3, 2002 3:10 AM
I too had knee pains with Looks. I changed to Time Equip, and the pain went away. I know you asked about Speedplay's, yet thought I'd add my 2c.

I am now using Time Impacts, and my knees seem happy still. The one thing I really like with the Impacts over the Equip is the easy of entry/exit and the "walkability".

Hope this is of some value.
New Look 396s, adjustable float works very good. $100 NMSpunout
Oct 3, 2002 3:27 AM
platforms. nm.Steve_0
Oct 3, 2002 3:34 AM
Speedplay Zerosfz4vgq
Oct 3, 2002 4:40 AM
been using them for about a month now and they're great. I love the "non spring loaded float" nice and smooth and lots adjustment.
re: What are the best pedals for knees ?theeatkins
Oct 3, 2002 7:02 AM
Over the years I have used Looks, Speedplay, Shimano and some really strange ones. I have gravitated toward the
Speedplays completely. I have frogs on my Specialized Enduro Pro mtb, frogs on a tri bike had built up and now
have for sale, and X-2s on my Calfee that I just put together. Since I also do some running, I am very interested
in preserving my knees. I have had no knee problems at all with these pedals. Good luck to you on finding the right
pedals to fit your needs. BTW-- the X-2s are less expensive than the Zeros for the same float.

Time Cyclo (the ATAC)teamsloppy
Oct 3, 2002 9:22 PM
The Time Cyclo are a version of the ATAC MTB pedal, which are a version of the Time Action Bioperformance pedal.

The frogs and most others quote only rotational degrees of freedom (float): it's how much you can pivot on the ball of your foot.

The Time Cyclo and ATAC have both rotational degrees of freedom (13 - 17 degrees) and lateral degrees of freedom (5 millimeters). The lateral degrees of freedom (lateral float?) is how much your foot can slide side to side towards the center of the bike.

The more degrees of freedom (frogs have only 1, the Times have 2) the less stress on you knee (or any other structure).

The Cyclos and ATACs need a "pontoon" to work well with most road shoes (my Northwave SPD adapter plate installation drawing showed this). Or, ride with MTB shoes (the Diadora MTB and pearl izumi MTB look just like their road shoes).

I blew my knee out and have been successfully riding daily to work at 19 MPH plus average for the last 5 months using Time Cyclos with no knee pain or swelling.