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Pull the trigger? Trek 5200(11 posts)

Pull the trigger? Trek 5200chazman
Oct 2, 2002 7:52 PM
I am one step away from buying a Trek5200. I am looking for a great bike for the money that I can put some high training miles on with optimum comfort and still be able to race on it. Is there anything else I should give a serious look at (in the same price range) before I put the ring on.

I asked Lance and he seems to like it.

I'm very interested in that same bike...and a few others...jtferraro
Oct 2, 2002 8:51 PM
Are you almost pulling the trigger on the '03 or '02 5200? I am very close to pulling it on an '02 for $1900. What price will you be paying(if you don't mind me asking)? Other bikes I'm considering, in that same price range:

Cannondale R2000 - all aluminum w/"wishbone" shaped seatstays to dampen road vibration

Klein QPro Carbon - aluminum w/carbon seatstays to dampen road vibration

So, I'm looking at one all aluminum bike, one all carbon bike, and the Klein, which is made from both materials.

I *think* it is more between the Trek & Canny right now. The Trek is tried and true OCLV carbon but the Canny is CAAD7 and has the following advantages over the Trek & Klein:

1.) Dura Ace rear derailleur
2.) Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL wheelset
3.) Ti railed Fizik saddle
4.) 3T Forgie stem and bar
These things make the bike significantly lighter, as the '02 5200 is 18.8lbs. I don't know what the '03 5200, w/its lighter fork, weighs though. :(

The '03 Klein comes w/the same wheelset as the 5200 but w/better bars, stem, and seatpost and also weighs quite a bit less, @16.4lbs. I'd imagine the Canny & Klein are very close in weight.

I'm very interested in that same bike...and a few others...chazman
Oct 3, 2002 7:14 PM
I was sold on the Cdale 2000si on closeout for a fantastic deal of 1300 bucks BUT... the damn layback seatpost made it impossible to get a good fit. I'd have to swap the seatpost (i.e., toss a 90 dollar post, get 25 bucks back for it, then buy a 90 straight Thompson). Took the great out of the deal. The Cdale was remarkably compliant for an aluminum alloy... but then I rode the TREK. Sure, it is flex'ier but it sure was smooth. About the same cash for non-closeout.

There is hardley a difference between the 02 and 03 TREK except the lighter fork and a slight change in top tube length. I'd go for the closeout. Where ya getting the 1900 price? I was given a 2200 quote?????
Calfee Luna Pro (nm)irregardless
Oct 2, 2002 9:36 PM
re: Pull the trigger? Trek 5200wolfereeno
Oct 2, 2002 11:29 PM
Have you looked at Kestrel 200sci or 300ems? I love my 200. One piece frame. Not bonded tubes. A bit unique.

R&A in Brooklyn sells kestrel and trek (and Look, colnago, and de rosa) - so you might consider contacting them for advice re carbon bikes.
What do the Kestrels go for?jtferraro
Oct 3, 2002 3:09 AM
Aren't they also more expensive than the Trek? Are they more than $3K?

What do the Kestrels go for?wolfereeno
Oct 3, 2002 6:46 AM
The Kestrel 200sci frame, low end Look, and the Trek frames are all around $1300. With Ultegra & Cosmos, wireless flightdeck, flight gel seat - it came to around $2700.

There are some prices for built up treks on this page:

FWIW here's a message I got from Phil at R&A after asking about Look, Trek, & Kestrel.


Well, you have selected some of the nicest frame / bikes around. It's hard to say who is better than the next. Yes, we sell all three brands and do a good job with all them. Their prices are all about the same.

The frames individually respond differently between each other.

The softest or smoothest would the Trek.

The Kestrel would give us a bit more road feel. Stiffer at the BB area.

The Look would be similar to the Trek, comfortable and responsive.

The Look would be the less expensive frame of the three

NOTE: all three frames are CARBON!!!

We have the Trek and Kestrel in stock. We can order the Look if you decide on it. The Look frame that actually has to be compared with the Trek and Kestrel. Would be the Look KG386, at $ 1595.00. This frame, (which we have in stock, but not your size) looks and feels very good.

When you have the time. Stop by. You will be able to see all three frames on display. We can go over which one will suit your needs at that time. Sometime, the color, shape etc. will determine which one a customer will buy. You couldn't go wrong with any of the three selected models. I'll be waiting. If, you have any further questions. Please feel free to contact me. If, you need directions, give me a call or e-mail me. Just let me know where your coming from.

Thanks for the info...jtferraro
Oct 3, 2002 7:22 AM
I need to buy a complete bike though, as all I have presently is a mountain and I'd like to stay under $2500.

re: Pull the trigger? Trek 5200theeatkins
Oct 3, 2002 7:22 AM
I recently built up a Calfee Luna Pro and love it. I've had Treks and an Aegis. I prefer the Calfee.
You'll then ride the same bike as 50% of the roadies. (nm)Quack
Oct 3, 2002 12:49 PM
re: Pull the trigger? Trek 5200srotten
Oct 3, 2002 2:32 PM
Now is a great time to get bikes on closeout. If you are looking for a great comfortable ride and great value, look at LeMond. I have seen the Zurich (steel frame ultegra) for $1400 with the identical component package as the Trek 5200 (they are both made in the same Trek factory, Lemond is owned and made by Trek). This deal is advertized on but you should be able to get your local Lemond dealer to match it. I have heard that you can get the Lemond Mallot Jaune for $1700 which the full DA version.

Remember Lance get paid to ride at Trek. He could just a easily get paid to ride an Al or Ti bike. Bottom line, go ride different bikes. A 5200 is a great bike but you are paying a premium because it is the most popular ultegra bike made.