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Big Minnesota??(8 posts)

Big Minnesota??homegrown2004
Oct 2, 2002 3:47 PM
Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but are there any decent sized hills around the Twin City area? I don't want short and steep because I have those around my house (plymouth) but I haven't found a long gradual hill that takes more than 1.5 min. to ride up. I guess my best bet is down south by the bluffs but any input would be much appreciated..
Thanks in advance!
re: Big Minnesota??Andy M-S
Oct 2, 2002 5:44 PM
I moved away from MPLS a while back, but I think the river bluffs are going to be your best bet. Short and steep is plentiful (zip down to Stillwater and across the bridge, then up (emphasis on the up!) into Wisconsin).

If you're willing to travel a little, I live in La Crosse, WI, and there are lots of good climbs either right here in La Crosse or across the river in La Crescent, MN. There's a fearsome climb somewhere between Strum and Whitehall (WI) that the AIDSRide hit at about mile 85 of a 110 mile day...
re: Big Minnesota??Geardaddy
Oct 2, 2002 6:30 PM
Hmmm. Your best bet is to hit the roads in the river valleys. Probably the closest are those down in Eden Prairie or Chaska.

Here are some to try:

Eden Praire:
- Hwy 101 going N from Hwy 212 near Shakopee (one of the toughest around!)
- Bluff Creek Rd. going N from Hwy 212 (nice and gradual)
- Eden Praire Rd. going N from Hwy 212 (very steep at start!)

- Co. Rd. 17 (Audobon Rd.) going N out of Chaska.
- Co. Rd. 10 going NW out of Chaska.
- Co. Rd. 11 going W out of Chaska.

- East Bush Lake Rd. by ski jump (84th st. turns into it)
- Riverview Rd. going W from Hwy 169 (Old Shakopee Rd turns into it).

-Co. Rd. 18 going N. from Eagle Creek Blvd. (kinda busy traffic)
-Canterbury Rd./Townline Rd./Marshall Rd. going S out of Shakopee.

- Co. Rd. 10 going east towards Prior Lake.
- Co. Rd. 9 going west towards Carver.

St. Paul:
- Summit Ave going W out of downtown (a.k.a. Ramsey Hill)
- Grand Ave going W. out of downtown.
- Smith Ave. going S out of downtown.
- Mound Blvd. going E out of downtown.
- Ohio St. going S from Plato Blvd.
- Concord St. going S from Wabasha St.
- Hwy 13 near Mendota Heights.

If you want bigger hills go towards the St. Croix River valley, e.g. anything going out of Stillwater or Presscott WI. Even bigger hills can be found as you go down the Mississippi River Valley beyond Wabasha.

Hope this helps.
re: Big Minnesota??aliensporebomb
Oct 3, 2002 2:52 AM
Besides East Bush Lake Road (adjacent to a 70 meter ski
jump) and Riverview Rd. in Bloomington there's a long descent/ascent pair that is pretty well known.

At least, I've seen roadies making the long ascent and then
descending on it and back again.

It's actually the south end of Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington. Lots of mountain bike riders take this
in and out of the river bottoms area.

To get there go to 98th street and Lyndale in Bloomington.
Easiest way is to take the 98th st. Exit off of 35W.

Head about a block east to Lyndale.

Head south and keep going. Eventually you'll find yourself
on quite a downhill (I once went down that thing INTO the
wind at about 33 mph, god only knows how fast you could go
if the wind was in your favor).

And here's a second vote for County Road 18 via Eagle Creek.
YOW. A friend was with me once and didn't want to go up it.
I went halfway up it and back down and hit 35 well before
the bottom.

And I did a solo ride once where I rode up it and went to
Prior Lake swimming beach (just keep heading south once
you get to the top) and on the way down it was a several
minute descent at 40+ mph. Yeow!

Thanks for the other suggestions.
Son of WanmdiScot_Gore
Oct 3, 2002 4:01 AM
All good suggestions above. A few more come to mind:
Ramsey Hill in St. Paul
The climb up from the visitors center to the fort in Fort Snelling State Park.
The climb up Post Road exiting the park is decent as well (short).
Myrtle Hill - Stillwater
Go to Duluth and/or North shore bike inland from lake...anywhere.

The TCBC has a century route in their Bike Atlas called "Son of Wanmdi". The route emphasizes hills. It's a loop - Downtown St. Paul to Centerville to Stillwater to Hastings to Mendota back to Downtown.

The book can be found in most LBS's around town. It may be on their site. Take a look:


Son of Wanmdihomegrown2004
Oct 3, 2002 8:13 AM
Thanks, all of this is VERY helpful. (not being sarcastic)
Oct 3, 2002 8:20 AM
The hill out of downtown Afton is over a mile long. It isn't very steep(5-7%), but it is a nice gradual climb. there is another climb shortly after that about .5 mile. There is also Bailey Road in Cottage Grove that is almost a mile long.
re: Big Minnesota??aliensporebomb
Oct 3, 2002 11:24 AM
This gives me a sick idea:

The First Annual Road Bike Review "Hills that Thrill"

We could get together some saturday or sunday and find some
horrible hills and attack them, going up and down for an
afternoon or something.

Am I crazy or?

If Scot_Gore's ride last weekend was successful, just think
about what we could do with this one!