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Trek Warranties(6 posts)

Trek Warrantieschuckjg
Oct 2, 2002 10:36 AM
If I bought a used trek carbon frame and found it to be defective or crashed, is there anyway that Trek would warranty it?
Would having the papers help? I'm considering buying a used one but the warranty seems pretty solid though the LBS but I want a little bit of security
LIMITED lifetime warrentySteve_0
Oct 2, 2002 10:47 AM
i.e., original owner. sorry.

also, usually warrenties usually only cover defects, not crashes. Dont know of any bike mngfr which warrents against crashes (not to say one doesnt exist, just to say id be amazed if one did).
Oct 2, 2002 12:59 PM
Finish is only for a year. Ultimately they're pretty accomodating with crash replacement, but you'd be amazed at how durable the OCLV frame really is.

Hey, if you're buying an OCLV used you really shouldn't be paying that much money in the first place, so what are you worried about? FWIW - I sold my 5200 complete with Ultegra after two years $1,100. What you pay for is what you get. You rarely get to have you cake and eat it too.
Could somebody explain why...Fez
Oct 2, 2002 2:09 PM
so many people get a crash replacement from Trek, when that clearly is not a manufacturer defect?

The easy answer is "goodwill" but are there other factors?

Like Trek is scared people would still ride these things and crash again and try to sue under product liab?

Or is it because these things are inherently more fragile than a frame of another material and Trek is just standing behind it just like competitors?
My takegrzy
Oct 2, 2002 3:47 PM
Nah, it's just a good will thing. The frames don't really cost that much to build, especially when you skip the whole marketing channel/dealer mark-up thing. Initially there are high costs in the R&d and making the molds, but once they're set up the variable cost of cranking out each frame is pretty small - probably less than $100 in materials (couple of pounds of carbon/epoxy, some aluminum bits, and squirt some paint on) . Ultimately they'd rather see you riding one of their bikes than not and bad mouthing them. They're in the business to sell bikes and make money any way they can.
not far off....hirevR
Oct 3, 2002 8:03 AM
i have a bike shop manager friend that went to trek factory this ssummer for a tour. They have a separate fac. to take care of frame replacements so i don't think they really care if you crash a frame and break it or if it is their fault. what they care about is customer satisfaction and cutomer/brand loyalty. I would say about 99% of claims get replaced (especially the high end stuff) as long as you get the shop to cooborate stories and reasoning for necessary replacement.
They also have the $200 frame replacement fee for people who need a frame replaced for any reason (especially crashes or 2nd hand purchases) when paperwork may not be available or worksmanship was clearly not the problem. I have to agree with grzy here: they are in the business of making and selling bikes and want you to think of them as the best as they think of themselves (personally I agree with my 5900 by my side!)