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Been checking out the road bikes in local shops...(4 posts)

Been checking out the road bikes in local shops...snowman3
Oct 1, 2002 4:47 PM
they have the big names like Trek, Specialized, C-dale, Lemond, Giant and some names I've never heard of..


All manufacturers carry a $1K bike and a $1.5K bike. Obviously I have to decide steel vs alum and will purchase on best fitting geometry.

Aside from that I'd like to get some background info or "word on the street". I couldn't find much press or reviews on Fuji-Mercier-Felt-Motobecane, so does anyone have any comments on those manufacturers? Are any of them noted for specialties or outstanding XYZ? Are any of them "iffy" companies?

Thanks for any info or guidance.
Fuji is good!weiwentg
Oct 1, 2002 5:17 PM
good but not horribly expensive, kind of like Giant. the Fuji Team is, imo, VERY well specced for the price.
as for the others, I have no personal knowledge.
Do a search on MotobecaneMcAndrus
Oct 2, 2002 4:13 AM
There was a -huge- debate a few months ago on this site on Motobecane. The thread should be in the discussion history.
re: Fuji and FeltSlip Stream
Oct 2, 2002 5:59 AM
Snowman3, I feel your pain. I lurked, looked and continued to mash my mountain bike waiting to find the perfect road bike. This went on for nearly two years. Three months ago I decided I wanted a road bike and one was not going to find me. I gave myself a two week deadline. A budget of $1 to 1.5K. Set my minimum specifications to 105 and a carbon fork. I, like you, found a bunch of bikes in that range. Cannandale, Giants, Schwinn (left overs), Fujis, Lemonds, Treks, Mongoose, Marin and Felts. I wnated to ride Masi, Motobecane and Mercier, but did not have any local dealers.

I found road bikes come in two flavors - cruiser and sprinter. I personally liked the sprinters. The Schwinn (red one), Fuji (Team and Roubaix, not Roubaix Pro), and Felt F65 were all excellent sprinters. No use writing about the Schwinn since it is probably sold out by now. Fuji is an old name in bikes. They have been around forever and produce quality machines. The Team bike was the smoothest and most forgiving of the three. It is light. The 54cm team weighs less than 16 pounds! But, I was warned about the wheels. They are supposedly a bugger to true. The spokes brake. Read the reveiws, it paints the same story.

The Roubaix and Felt F65 rode almost identical. Fast and nimble. Both cost the same - about $1,000, which is 50% less than the Team. Both have high quaility full 105 parts, except for the Roubaix wheels. The Roubaix has Ritchey wheels that reveiwers on this site rate poorly. The F65 has an aluminum fork and a heavy headset. Even with the aluminum fork and frame, the F65 rode smoother than all the steel frame/carbon fork bikes I tested. The F65 throws in cheap SPD pedals that work with my MTB shoes. Both bikes climb like a billy goat. Both sprint quick and easy. I do not think you could go wrong with either bike.

I chose the F65 because the Roubaix is butt ugly, IMHO.

A reveiw that swayed me to the Felt is at:
And Discussion postings: jtkirk15 "Felt Bikes... Any comments?" 5/23/02 7:20pm cabinfever "Felt Bikes" 7/11/02 1:57pm

Look closely at the bikes I did not consider in the end. You will find they all scrimp on some major components. C-dale on brakes and hubs. C-Dale brakes were horrible. I am glad I was not on that bike when the school bus cut me off. Trek and Lemond on derailures and wheels.

But above all, get out and ride them all. Take note of crank length and handlebar width, becuase that will affect the feel of a frame and bike. Most shops will chnge the size of those items to fit you. Chose one that fits. Buy it. Don't look back until it is time to upgrade to a new bike.