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My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:(33 posts)

My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:lonefrontranger
Oct 1, 2002 4:07 PM
Specs: 2003 Dream Plus TM-11 (Landbouwkrediet). They will come in Bstay and standard next year; I chose standard.

Crappy weather mans I am inside for the evening. I'm bored and impatiently awaiting my new frameset.

I already have most of the components I'm going to put on it, but I am curious to see what folks here would spec on this if they had it to build:
re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:flying
Oct 1, 2002 5:01 PM
Nice choice! I almost bought one from WCP a couple weeks ago when they went to $999
Seemed like a great deal.

Question though......why are you not interested in the Bstay?
Oct 1, 2002 5:10 PM
It adds 50 grams, a ludicrous amount of $ (something like $400 even purchased from the UK) a bonded joint and the latest word from a couple pros I've talked to is that carbon stays are merely decorative in anything smaller than a 54cm frame (mine will be a 46).
don't you already HAVE a Dream Plus?weiwentg
Oct 1, 2002 5:15 PM
or was I thinking of someone else???

anyway here's mine:
Seven Axiom frame
Record 10 with DA Cranks/BB + Ergobrain
Campy Eurus
USE Alien Ti post
SLR saddle

realistically, I'm thinking of going half-Campy on my TCR's drivetrain. currently sourcing for used Chorus ergos, rear D, some kind of conversion cassette (saw Am Classic 10s on eBay, currently at $55), and probably a Wipperman chain.
forget what I said about the frame. nmweiwentg
Oct 1, 2002 6:54 PM
don't you already HAVE a Dream Plus?lonefrontranger
Oct 1, 2002 7:03 PM
I had one, yes. Still also have the Dream Cross. The Dream Plus that I originally got was a 51 standard when I'd requested a 49. After months of wrangling with the U.S. distributor and unsuccessfully trying to get the 51 to fit, I sold it and gave the U.S. distributor (Trialtir) the bird by going with Maestro. The replacement is a 46cm semi-sloping.

I'll save the extra loot for the Record bits and perhaps a carbon crank.

Go ahead and spec the Seven anyway; hell it's a fantasy build-a-bike post, right?
thread drift ...tarwheel
Oct 2, 2002 4:02 AM
Interesting what you say about Trialtir. I recently check the prices at Maestro and could not believe how much cheaper they are than in the US. For a Master X, I could save $500-600. And the kicker is that he can order one in any color combination or size -- not just the ones that Trialtir chooses to import. Maestro also says he will honor warranty claims, although you would have to ship the frame back to England. But how likely is that? And if you did, so what? From what I've heard, if you buy a Colnago from a US dealer and have a warranty claim, they ship the frame back to Italy anway and it takes months.
Oct 2, 2002 6:56 AM
Mike at Maestro is very cool to work with, and has no trouble picking up the phone to make an international call at the drop of a hat. When I sent him my measurements and told him my intent for this bike, he understood immediately what I was after. He was the one who steered me towards the 46 semi-sloping, as he feels it will be both lighter and somewhat more forgiving. Colnago had a bare frame available and told him six weeks to custom paint whatever scheme I wanted plus the painter offered to add my name to the toptube, which I thought was a nice touch (also, once I finally get a correct fit, I have no intent of selling it). The only thing I am mildly concerned about is the fact that it can take a very long time to get custom work from the Colnago guys, but that's not Maestro's fault. I figure I'll wait 2 months then start to worry. Mike has been spot-on with keeping me informed of what's happening anyhow.
piece of caketarwheel
Oct 2, 2002 7:14 AM
A 2 month wait is not bad at all when you consider that you are almost getting a custom. When I've checked with custom US shops, the typical waiting time is 2-3 months -- and I've heard it is not uncommon for builds to take longer than originally estimated. Another thing that Mike said he could do is order a frame with a threaded fork, which I prefer over threadless -- and I don't think the US distributor would do that.

Really, I can't figure out the catch here. I am also considering ordering a custom US frame. But the stock Colnago geometry is very close to what I need, and I could order a "custom" Master Lite for $200-400 less than the US frames I was considering. One of my main reasons for considering custom is to get an extended head tube, but the Colnagos in my size have longer than usual head tubes and I could order a threaded fork with a longer steerer tube to achieve the same goal -- for a lot less money.
more thread driftlonefrontranger
Oct 2, 2002 8:58 AM
Incidentally, I noticed your lament re: the Merckx on the Retro board. Is the MXL perchance a balm for the spirit?
Oct 2, 2002 10:21 AM
I can special order a Merckx Corsa but it would take 3-4 months and cost $1,200. For that much money and time, it got me looking at customs again ... and then Maestro. I'll have to say, an MXL for $900 is almost too good a deal to turn down -- even if I have to wait a few months. I have been looking for a used 56 Merckx or a 58 Colnago for some time (which are both about the same size and geometry), but they never seem to come up for sale. I really like the GEO color scheme and Maestro says he can order an MXL like that for no extra charge. I also have been considering either a Landshark or Anvil custom, but that would end up costing $200-400 more than the MXL. ... The hard part is convincing my wife I need to that much on a new frame. I had a hard enough time convincing her I needed to spend $500 on a used frame.
do you need above 60cm?ColnagoFE
Oct 2, 2002 9:03 AM
I ride a 62cm MXL and they have what they call Freuhler construction...basically extending the head and seat tube up over the top tube...says it makes for a stiffer frame. I still need a zero rise stem and a coupla spacers though. my back isn't all that flexible these days. I got my MXL (AD-4) from a local dealer and it took almost 4 months to get from Italy so 2 seems like a no brainer. I think if I did it again I'd order from a place like Maestro and go for the C-40.
Oct 1, 2002 5:24 PM
Ah I see & agree. Wowee 400 huh? That is out of line isn't it? I would agree too that the benefits of the carbon rear may be greatly reduced on a frame that small.
( not much left to flex)
46 cm on a Dream Plus!!!MXL02
Oct 1, 2002 6:01 PM
Man, that will be one light, fast ride! You gotta use Record (with Ti cassette) or DuraAce to keep the weight down, definitely Carbon Cranks...what kind of wheelsets will you use? Those Lightweights look pretty sweet.
Oct 1, 2002 7:32 PM
I will be using my 303 tubies, dearly love those wheels.

For regular kicking around I've several sets of Mavic Cosmos. They're cheap bombproof wheels that are over 200 grams lighter than the possessed-by-devils squealing Vector Comps I used to have on my Trek/Ultegra Nightmare Bike from Hell.
re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:koala
Oct 1, 2002 5:59 PM
Record 10,Speedream wheels, alien ti post, wcs bar and stem, king headset, pro race tires,slr saddle. Makes me shudder.
re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:Spunout
Oct 1, 2002 6:02 PM
Climbing specific: "Angrilu Special"

Record 10 Triple, 50-40-30 new model. Funk it right out with carbon wheels, the works.
Angliru speciallonefrontranger
Oct 2, 2002 7:15 AM
Not that I would ever set a tire close to anything like that, but I like your thinking. I am fortunate in that I'm both extremely small and relatively light (currently 145#), so I can get away with what would be "stupid light" stuff to your normal guy.

I can manage the 12-20% in the final 5K of the Platte Bridge "queen" stage on my 39/27 without too much drama, so I'll stick to the dual for now.
re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:homegrown2004
Oct 1, 2002 6:32 PM
Easy...full Campy Record including the carbon cranks, Zipp 303 wheels, USE carbon seatpost, Ax-Lightness "sprint" saddle, ITM The Stem, Bars...whatever, Did I miss anything? this of course is a "win the lottery bike".
ooo that's close to my personal specs:lonefrontranger
Oct 1, 2002 7:11 PM
* Record 10 (already have roughly half the bits, the remainder will be scrounged at VeloSwap).
* 303s (my racing wheelset that I bought cheap off a buddy of mine)
* SLR saddle (got a spare one of these as well)
* ITM bars & stem for certain, they're my faves
* Speedplay X/2 pedals

Still undecided on the seatpost and cranks. As it's a semi-sloping and not a "true" compact, I will have to measure my seatpin-to-rail numbers to figure out whether I'll need a long post or if the standard carbon Alien I've got will do.
ooo that's close to my personal specs:legs
Oct 1, 2002 9:33 PM
the record cranks are pricey and heavy compared to FSA pros... dont ya think..

Hard to argue with those choices.look271
Oct 2, 2002 5:50 AM
I'd swap out the saddle for a pro-link. My fave. Also, I still can't get used to the looks of the speedplays, although I know that most people love 'em. I'd stay with Looks. Gotta go with the Record carbon crank!
Just a couple of changes.djg
Oct 2, 2002 5:39 AM
I'd add a few grams by going with the Look ergopost (I like the setback adjustability, especially with a nago). I too, would be tempted to try a disposable mag. stem, but I might go with the Deda and their carbon bars. Maybe the SLR saddle (which I'm trying out on the CT1 lately). CX7 pedals.
Just built a 51cm 2002 Dream PlusLX-4...Quack
Oct 1, 2002 9:35 PM
Fork: Flash carbon(didn't care about extra steerer weight)
Group: Full Dura-Ace.
Headset: King
Bars: Deda Magic OS
Stem: Deda Magic 9cm
Post: Syncros 7075 alum. (cheap $$$)
Saddle: Flite TransAm (cheap $$$)
Pedals: Look PP-396 (under $100 now)
Wheels: Black AC Ultralight/Microhubs laced to black 32h Sun ME14A rims with DTBlack 14/15 spokes and alloy nips.
Tires: Vittoria Corsa CX Black
Computer: Vetta V100 Wireless (Fits OS bars)
Total cost: about $3000

Enjoy your new bike!!

agree on the Flashlonefrontranger
Oct 2, 2002 7:24 AM
Here's why. I originally went with the Force on the first one. Once I discovered how much hassle it is to fart around with the special plug for the carbon steerer (it came loose a time or two, which the star nut in my Morgul's WoundUp never does), it was a no-brainer. Also, remember we are talking about a bike that essentially has no headtube to speak of. As short as I ultimately end up cutting my forks when I've got things dialed in (I prefer about 4" drop from saddle to bars), the diff in weights of steerer materials becomes pretty much academic, and I'll trade a bit of weight for durability and peace of mind when bombing down 20-mile-long descents out here in the Rockies.
want a Star Carbon?DougSloan
Oct 2, 2002 7:45 AM
I have a Star Carbon I (infamously) cut short for my 54 cm C40. It should work, but you'd have to address the painting issue, for it's painted like Geo. Would be about 100 grams lighter, and much cheaper, unless you are required to get a fork with the frame.

Oct 2, 2002 8:02 AM
You know, I sure wish I could help you out on that... I even considered paging you when I got the Morgul as the blues nearly match the teal on the front end of that frame - but then the oranges and lavenders would clash pretty bad.

The frame/fork come as a package deal. I have checked in with Rainbow (the painters who did the custom work on the Morgul) on some other things and it would still be pretty spendy to do a respray on a fork.
My buddy just got that paint schemeDougSloan
Oct 2, 2002 6:13 AM
My racing buddy just got a CT1 in the TM11; it looks fantastic. Sort of an understated patriotic theme. Colnago paint jobs always look better in person than on the internet, too.

I'd do all Record, SLR saddle, Kestrel EMS carbon bars, and Neutron wheels.

Oct 2, 2002 7:02 AM
The decision was based on the fact that it is not one of the more common pattern to find here in the U.S. After I'd ordered the original LX14 Dream, a somewhat annoying development occurred in that a big local racing club got LX14 Dreams as their '01/02 team frame. I spent a bit of time explaining that no, I didn't actually buy it used from one of the Jamba Juice guys... Rona has the LX10 scheme, so that shot that choice as well (a couple of the Rona gals race in my field).

Plus the TM11/Landbouwkrediet is very close to our team colors, just a happy coincidence.
Oct 2, 2002 7:15 AM
You are right, that paint scheme seems rare. I've not seen another. I'm actually envious, as I like it better than the Geo. Sort of understated, but striking as well. Good choice.

re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:Spuden
Oct 2, 2002 7:29 AM
Just wanted to add my 2 cents... Just received a 56cm Colnago MXL from Mike at Maestro and it is awesome. I got custom paint (last years Rabobank AD 23. Very sweet. Am currently building it with Chorus. It did take awhile to get, but in the end it looks like it was totally worth it. I ordered in April and received it in August. Being able to have it painted it whatever color I wanted was nice, and saving about $500 was pretty sweet too. Anyway my experience with Mike was topnotch. He called me several times to give me updates on it, and is a real nice guy to talk too. I BS'd with him for about an hour and a half one day. About racing and all over in Belgium.
re: My turn: yet another build-a-bike fantasy thread:Natchez
Oct 2, 2002 3:00 PM
Nice Frame!!! I like your specs. What would an 03 Dream Plus in say a 56-58 weigh? How do these frames ride? Are they comfortable?

Oct 2, 2002 3:22 PM
The Dream isn't the lightest Al frame you can buy, as Colnago deliberately builds them on the sturdy side. Even at 2cm too large, the one I had rode exceptionally well and the handling (both it and my Dream Cross) is superb.

One observation: My boyfriend, who also rides a Dream, gave a bike change to a teammate at a nasty technical crit. The guy (Cat III) was super impressed with the way the Dream handled in comparison to his Litespeed Ghisallo, EXCEPT that the Dream does have a lower BB. This crit featured 2 135-150 degree corners and Max said the low BB scared him a couple times (he skipped pedals). That being said, the Dream is more of a stage race geometry than a full-on crit bike (of which the TCR line would be a good example), so if you're looking for a nimble, reasonably light, stiff but not brutal all-around bike for road racing / fast touring and can afford the spendy factor, it's a good bet.

Maestro publishes the frame weight for the Dream at something like 1400g if my memory serves, but I don't know which size this is for. Probably the easiest way to get accurate weights for your frame size is to use the "fit me" feature on Wrench Science ( Enter in your measurements and it will automatically opt for the correct frame size; you can then fit it out and see what the entire bike would weigh with your kit options.