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cross tires on my Campione?(6 posts)

cross tires on my Campione?Suddha
Oct 1, 2002 7:03 AM
I want to use my old Bianchi Campione for a winter/city bike now that I upgraded. I would like to put some cyclocross tires on it but am concerned that knobby 700x35 tires won't fit with the brakes I have on the bike (Campy Mirage or Avanti sidepulls). Will 700x35's fit on my rims and will I have enough brake caliper clearance? Any tire recommendations? I saw the Ritchey SpeedMax Pro for $13 at Seems like a great price for what I need.

Sorry, I am new to cross tires so don't have a clue. Thanks for any advice.
No prob w/the rims; I think the brakes are iffycory
Oct 1, 2002 7:33 AM
I bought those same tires for my singlespeed, which has canti brakes, and they work great. But when I tried them on a bike with sidepulls (RSX 100, or whatever those low-line Shimanos were several years ago), they wouldn't fit. There's just barely enough room for smooth 700x35s, but not knobbies.
Those brakes are really short-reach, though, about the tightest I've seen. If you have different ones it might be worth investing $13 as an experiment. I use the SS for commuting and as a pseudo-cyclocrosser, and the tires are perfect for that.
No prob w/the rims; I think the brakes are iffySuddha
Oct 1, 2002 7:40 AM

Any other tires you'd recommend that might fit? I don't want to retrofit center pull brakes on this bike.. just need some slightly chunkier tires on this bike for winter riding and casual spins with my girlfriend, when I don't want to take the high zoot LeMond.
I'm a big-tire guy; here are some I likecory
Oct 1, 2002 11:23 AM
I weigh 225, so I rarely use tires skinnier than 700x28. My all-time all-around favorites are Panaracer Paselas in 700x35--they're fairly light, give a cushy ride at 75 psi or so but can hold 85-90 when you want to roll a little easier. They fit my Atlantis and the Trek-based singlespeed, but have only about 1mm of clearance under the sidepulls on the Allez--too close, really. Also available in 32mm, which fit almost anything (true width on my rims is 30.5mm for the 35s and 25+ for the 32s).
I just bought (but haven't used--got 'em on sale) some Avocet Cross tires, the inverted tread ones, in 32mm. They look shorter (from tread to rim) than the Panaracers, so they may fit where the Panas won't.
Nashbar and Performance don't have much bigger than 700x25 in the print catalogs, but Nashbar especially often has bigger tires cheap online. REI also carries touring tires most of the time, and if you get really stuck, is reasonably priced and pretty quick to ship.
FWIW, I've ridden my regular courses pretty regularly on tires ranging from 20mm to 41mm, and there's not a huge difference in the times. What I might lose in performance with the 35s is more than compensated for by the comfort and stability, especially in a casual ride.
I'm a big-tire guy; here are some I likeSuddha
Oct 1, 2002 1:10 PM
Great tips, Cory... I saw those Avocets online today and think they might be a good choice for me.

I've had them on my commuter for years.dzrider
Oct 2, 2002 4:40 AM
They're not light and ride pretty stiffly, but they are indestructible and very secure on wet roads. I think they are bigger in the same size than Panaracer Paselas. I'd recommend the Avocets for heavy duty stuff like commuting or loaded touring, and the Paselas for lighter touring and recreational riding.