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3 Major Differences(1 post)

3 Major DifferenceshirevR
Oct 1, 2002 3:33 AM
On my way to work this morning I was thinking of all sorts of things and i became fixated on this epiphany of sorts: I have realized three major differences in the past week.

1. I;ve ridden aluminum frames all my competitive years (12 now beginning at 13-yrs-old) and always thought everything else was hype. Then I was given a mid-90's steel Fuji Roubaix last year to fix up as a commuter and as I was riding to work this morning I once again thought, "Wow, man this is a nice ride(the bike tht is althought the commute isn't bad either)." I've ridden many high-end alu bikes in the past but this free Fuji is subtle and responsive.
This week also marked my entry into the world of carbon frames. I purchased a 5900 and while I thought my aluminum framed with carbin here and there parts were awesome, I finally truly understand what people mean when they use the expression "it feels like butta." That's what carbon feels like--responsive, stiff, forgiving, fast--definitely nicer than anything ridden before, not a bunch of hype.
2. The difference between Dura-Ace and Ultegra is like the diference betwween J.A. Henkels Pro S knives and that Titanium EverSharp they sell on TV. Both get the job done, but Henkels is so precise and feels so good.
3. This one is a matter of perspective. I ridden my commuter route (8.15 miles) on a regular basis for over 2 months now, and never had anything pop up at me. Today, I felt as a driver might feel as they look up from drinking their coffee and see a rider. I looked down to look at my time on my computer and I looked up to see that I barely missed a runner!! I never saw her before I ooked down and I felt like such an a-hole! I've never seen anyone running on that road even during the day time.!
Anyway, that's it.