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Hamilton rides for Ullrich?(3 posts)

Hamilton rides for Ullrich?QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
Sep 30, 2002 6:25 PM
That would be something, If indeed Jan transfers over to CSC, they would be team mates. Tyler will no longer be able to compete in the Tour de France like his ambition was after the 2002 Tour. All he might have is the Giro, and he might not be able to ride that at full potential pending his needs at the Tour for Ullrich. I wonder how Tyler feels about it. What does Lance think about his second "left-tenant' working for Ullrich, First Bobby, now Hamilton...
That occurred to me alsoMcAndrus
Oct 1, 2002 4:33 AM
What a blow to Hamilton's ambitions that would be. To go from super-domestique for Lance to super-domestique for Jan. Under this scenario Tyler's best chance for glory is that Jan will ride for Tyler in the Giro to build up for the Tour.
re: Hamilton rides for Ullrich?Lactate Junkie
Oct 1, 2002 9:39 AM
You guys are assuming that Tyler would ride for Ullrich. Given all of Jan's BS lately, that isn't necessarily the case. My guess is that Ullrich is going to have to prove himself to Riis. Riis isn't simply going to say "sure you can be team leader, we trust you when you say you can win the Tour again" . How come no one thinks it might be Ullrich who ends up being the super-domestique? Could happen, Ullrich is damaged goods right now.