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First Fall Weekend-at last cool weather.(27 posts)

First Fall Weekend-at last cool weather.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:12 AM
Not that summer doesn't have its' good points-mostly the longer daylight hours. But let's face it, around DC summer mostly sucks. In summer around DC you can look forward to lots of heat, humidity, bad air and tourists. If you ever give in to the urge to visit DC skip June, July and August (after another busy day trying to get home through all the busses on the Mall Miss M said "If it is tourist season why can't we shoot ‘em?").

On Saturdays we usually try to ride 200K or so and on Sundays we often ride enough to get 200 miles for the weekend. Here is our tale of the first weekend of the fall.

Saturday we got up early, drove to Frederick and rode 14 miles to the start of the annual Frederick Peddlers century (for the $0.00 entry fee you get a route slip and a banana at the start). Saw another beautiful countryside sunrise halfway to the start of the ride. It was nice to start in cool crisp air for a change.
Sunrise from the bike #2.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:15 AM
On Sunday we were treated to a nice sunrise too. Since we started from home we got to sleep in a lot longer. The air was amazingly still in the morning-we had great views of the monuments reflecting off the water all day.
Sunrise from the bike #2.Cisitalia
Sep 30, 2002 7:04 PM
You guys are awesome and the pictures are great!!!
Country air.....MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:18 AM
The sky was beautiful on Saturday. A storm had come through on Thursday and Friday making everything clean and cool for what seemed like the first time in months.
City air......MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:21 AM
On Sunday it was still much nicer than it had been but the sky wasn't quite as clear in the city. We went somewhat out of our way to avoid the protesters in town for the WMF meetings-it actually worked out fine as we took turns leading the ride through places we don't normally visit on weekends. Here we are riding in the recently repaved Haines Point along the Potomac.
I've always wonderedMJ
Sep 30, 2002 9:21 AM
what does Miss M carry in that huge pack?

do you put weights in it to keep her from dropping you? :-)
Food and clothing, I wear one too.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 9:36 AM
The weight stays pretty much the same thought the day-the food gets lighter as we eat it and clothing gets added. Miss M carries a little more food, I carry the tools and camera.

We are pretty much self sufficient except for water up to 300K or so. A year ago or so I asked the board what people eat on long rides-it gave us the idea to stop eating at delis and stores and to eat less and carry our own food.

Miss M is famous locally for her brownies and almond bars. Once in a while she passes a few around before a ride-the guys usually scarf them down right away instead of saving them for later in the ride.
Country roads.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:24 AM
We couldn't ask for better riding than what we got on Saturday. Empty country roads with great views-lots of the corn had been harvested so the views were much better than they had been in the summer.
City roads.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:27 AM
Of course we had some interesting city views on Sunday.
Gravel roads.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:30 AM
Some of the roads on Saturday were unpaved-I always love riding on these quiet backroads.
Tow Path.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:33 AM
About the only unpaved riding in the city is the C&O Canal towpath. We did ride on it a bit; it was pretty crowded with runners.

This is the view from the Capital Crescent Trail as it passes over the C&O Canal.
Great pics!!! Again. I like the 2nd one. nmMike P
Sep 30, 2002 8:34 AM
Sep 30, 2002 8:36 AM
We passed through a lot of operating farms on Sunday. Often the back roads we ride on cut right through the center of a barnyard-good access for the farmers but it means we ride in a lot of manure. I always like looking at the barns and we get a kick checking out all the farm animals-in addition to cows, horses and yardbirds we sometimes see sheep, goats, ostriches, emus, llamas and lots of unidentifiable critters.
The Mall.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:38 AM
Miss M wanted to stop and see the Solar Home Decathlon on the Mall. The solar houses put together by university students were pretty neat and the place was packed. There were long lines to tour the houses so we only saw a couple from the inside.
Thanks for this one.Pack Meat
Sep 30, 2002 9:03 AM
I get to go back to DC Sunday to help them remove the houses. I'm looking forward to seeing the fall color.

Sorry that you couldn't get in to see the houses, some of them were really awesome on the inside. CU Boulder included a floors and walls made from recycled tennis balls, sunflower seed waste, and babdy dipers.
It was packed.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 9:46 AM
The protests didn't keep anyone away.
Heavy traffic.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:42 AM
We were riding about the same overall speed as a couple of bike racers on Saturday, they were faster and stopped more often than we did so they kept passing us to the amusement of all.
City traffic.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:48 AM
Actually we try to avoid the MUTs on weekends. They get crowded so we only rode on them for short sections on Sunday to connect different parts of town (it always seems like the folks that make MUTs dangerous on weekends aren't the families and kids-it is the cyclists and roller bladers going way too fast for the conditions and expecting the other trail users to get out of their way).
Last stop.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:52 AM
Due to the potential vandalism associated with the protests a lot of the "Party Animals" that had been on display in the city were moved to the American University near home. It was fun to see so many of them on display in one place.

We checked them out then road down the hill to home. Another great weekend of riding is done.
Bonus Image "Darn Tourists!"MB1
Sep 30, 2002 8:54 AM
Great pics MB1.look271
Sep 30, 2002 9:12 AM
More wallpaper! I got out early Sunay am and got in a short 33 miler on the fixie. Beautiful weather. I've got to get a digital cam so I can share some of the beauty of central PA with everyone on the board!
hey MB1 - please tell me your pics are editedSpirito
Sep 30, 2002 9:18 AM
all your pics are truly inspirational, beautiful and just plain make me jealous. i really appreciate you posting them ......... but what about the others - you know the one's you dont show?

no celebrity pics posing with marrion barry.

no city shots with crusty homeless goths sporting 40 piercings and in the company of 6 dogs each?

no roadside early bird crackheads with coffee cups shaken to prompt for chaaange?

no road kill on the shots outside of town?

no pickup trucks with gun racks and "I Luv WWF" and "My Other Car Is A Sherman Tank" stickered bumpers?

no pics of having to hitch a ride into town after irrepairable mechanical failure?

no pics of college twerps mooning from the back of a yugo?

no shots of either you, miss M or friends hurling by the roadside like my mates and i do from riding early after a night of boozing?

no pics of roadside "nature calls" that put an end to a perfectly good pair of new bib shorts?

so ....... dont make me despair into thinking its always paradise .... or is it?

ciao ;-)
LenJ outed me.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 9:28 AM
We were on a 3 day bike ride together and Len (a really nice guy BTW) told Miss M about me posting here. Now I have to be careful about what I post here or I will be in domestic hot water.

Although I have often thought about doing a road kill photo essay. It might offend and get me in trouble with gregg....
Hey MB1, how any miles do you log a year? nmDave Hickey
Sep 30, 2002 9:43 AM
Lately about 2,000 less than Miss M.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 9:49 AM
Probably somewhere around 17,000 this year for me.
re: First Fall Weekend-at last cool weather.aliensporebomb
Sep 30, 2002 11:54 AM
Great pictures - love these little travelogues.

But does Miss M. know you've posted nine pictures of
her backside to the world? That's all we ever see of

You should get someone to take a picture of the two of
you with your bikes so we can place faces with names.
After I posted the Kilt pix of me the haiku shop has been in therapy.MB1
Sep 30, 2002 12:36 PM