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Biked to work today -1st time- and took heed to advice given(10 posts)

Biked to work today -1st time- and took heed to advice givenjtferraro
Sep 30, 2002 5:33 AM
I have been wanting to bike to work since the spring but never have b/c there are no showers in the building I work in. Now that the weather is getting cooler AND I read that post last Tuesday on tips and tricks, recommendations & suggestions, I finally went for it. After all, it's only a 4 mile commute(1 way). I brought a pair of sneaker shoes in last week, to leave at work, knowing I'd want to bike in my cycling shoes. I also had purchased, a few weeks ago, those antibacterial wet wipes/washcloths and some Old Spice Cool Contacts. I really wanted to bike the day after that informative post but couldn't b/c I had my class that night. Thursday and Friday it rained(remnants of Isadore), so today was the first opportunity and I went for it. My attire today:

- cycling shoes
- jogging socks, but black(knew I can get away w/wearing them all day)
- work pants - khakis
- lightweight polypropylene long sleeve top
- helmet
- cycling gloves

When I got to work I cooled off then wiped off my fore head, under my arms, then around my neck a bit(not sure if I actually needed to), change my shirt, put on my belt, changed my shoes....and viola I felt great and clean!

The one thing I forgot to do - "peg" or use an elastic around my right pant leg!! Now I have grease on my inner right pant cuff. DOH! :(

Thanks for all your advice on "how to do it w/o showers"! =)

Sep 30, 2002 6:15 AM
another victim of sensible cycling.

Tommorrow try leaving the gloves at home (its only 4 miles), unless you need them for warmth. you wont miss 'em.

I predict, pretty soon, youre gonna pick up a pair of platform pedals and wear those sneaks on the ride.

Hey Steve...jtferraro
Sep 30, 2002 6:32 AM
Today I didn't need the gloves for warmth, as it isn't that cold in Connecticut...yet. I wear them b/c I've read that they help protect your hands from road rash/cuts if or "when" I go down. So I guess I wear them as protective gear. Maybe I should leave them @home tomorrow morning. We'll see...

Nah - I don't think I'll ever go back to platform pedals. I'm hooked on clipless. Right now this is my only bike, too, so I'd have to swap platforms on and off way too much.

Thanks. Do you commute?

Wish i did...Steve_0
Sep 30, 2002 6:45 AM
In my bachelor days I commuted about 24 miles RT, (maybe) 9 months/year.

My work/home relationship has since changed; 80 miles RT is a tad long to commute by bicycle. My daily commuter is now a yamaha.
Yeah, 80 miles RT can be a bit much, although I'm sure...jtferraro
Sep 30, 2002 8:23 AM
enthusiasts on this board to that or even more! 24 miles RT sounds ideal. Impressive that you did it for "(maybe)" 9 months!

A Yamaha, eh? ;-)

Sep 30, 2002 11:09 AM
I do it. Just not too often.
re: Biked to work today -1st time- and took heed to advice givenmaximum15
Sep 30, 2002 8:29 AM
Congratulations. I started at the beginning of July and used many of the tips found on this board. One interesting thing is that I now want to bike every day and get "upset" on those days I can't. The people at work know I only live about 5 miles from work and are amazed that I go the long way in just to get in a longer ride. I predict that you will find that your commuting work days are much more pleasant than those where you are forced to use a car.
Sep 30, 2002 11:17 AM
Yeah, I can see myself getting dissapointed on days that I need to take the car, too! How much do you go out of your way - how many extra miles do you do? Yeah, I think I'll find that out too(commuting days are more enjoyable than driving days)!

No gloves in CT this morning...biknben
Sep 30, 2002 11:23 AM
I must be a wimp. I was cold riding in NJ today. Full-finger gloves for me. Then again my commute is about 45 minutes.

I'm a little slow adaping to the colder temps.
Perhaps you left earlier in the morning, too? I biked 815-830nmjtferraro
Sep 30, 2002 6:20 PM