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Dumped the lycra/cleats for shorts/tennis shoes today....(1 post)

Dumped the lycra/cleats for shorts/tennis shoes today....Starliner
Sep 28, 2002 7:07 PM
.... and not only was it fun, but I found I could ride with more flexibility.

I had four tickets to the Giants/Astros game which I wanted to sell, so I decided to go to San Francisco and sell them outside PacBell Park. I thought I might be more approachable in regular clothes rather than lycra, plus I wanted to check out the Blues Festival and walk around a bit, so I decided to wear shorts and tennis shoes, with a plain blue long sleeve bike jersey.

I loaded my bike into the trunk of my car (wheels off) and drove from Napa to Sausalito. From there, I rode across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Fisherman's Wharf and to the stadium where I quickly unloaded the tickets. Then I toured the city.

First stop was to check out a nice farmer's market located down near the finish line of the SF Grand Prix a few weekends ago. With my bike, I walked through and checked out the goods and the people - it was nice to have tennis shoes.

Jumped on and rode back to Fisherman's Wharf where I stopped and had a crab sandwich and some chowder. Lots of tourists from who knows where.

Then I rode up to the Blues Festival and checked it out. Johnny Otis Band was finishing up their set; Robert Cray was later in the evening. Couldn't wait though, so I continued on.

Going down the path to the street, a guy on a slope-tube De Rosa flashed by riding strongly against the wind. I fell in behind him and, matching his pace, I followed him while keeping at a courteous distance.

I noticed that, in spite of my tennis shoes, I was spinning easily and pretty well, keeping my feet on my pedals (Looks which have a good platform for riding in shoes).

We passed through the Marina and Crissy Field, and then I turned off to climb up this short and moderately steep hill which leads to the Golden Gate Bridge.

While climbing, I noticed that my feet subconciously slid forward on the pedal so that I was pedalling from the arches rather than the balls of the foot. I marched up that hill like I had no respect for it. When I got to the top, I started to wonder... that by sliding the feet forward, I somehow changed the angle of force on the pedal, kind of like moving the seat back, but not....

Being an artist, and not an engineer, I'm going to leave it for those who may be more able to explain it in technical terms, but it seemed natural to slide my feet forward on that hill, and I felt strong climbing up it. Maybe sliding cleats will be a new product in the next few years...

Continued my ride through the Presidio high above the ocean crashing into the cliffs; down 25th St and through Golden Gate Park (beautiful dahlias at the Conservatory); and then back the the bridge, crossing over to my car in Sausalito.

Several times the visual sights made me think of how I would have loved to take pictures like MB1 and others have done on this board and show everybody how beautiful of a ride it was going through the City, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. Cheers to all...