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adjustable stems - why not?(2 posts)

adjustable stems - why not?treeman
Sep 28, 2002 10:57 AM
Yesterday I asked for advice on putting a longer reach quill stem on my "new" / used 10 year old road bike. I have researched a lot about fit and believe this bike is about 2 cm. too small for me(50 cm c-t vs.52 cm). I have about 5 inches of seat post showing (not too bad) and the seat is pushed back all the way to get my knee close to (maybe a bit behind) the pedal spindle for an initial start.

The existing stem is a only 60mm - which I guess to be too short. I also want to get the bars up closer to the seat height for comfort (nitto tecnomic?). I currently get a bit of lower back pain after 15 miles -stem length?

Shopping around, I noticed many new Giants (even their road bikes) come with adjustable stems. What a great idea! But, WHAT'S WRONG WITH USING THEM? Why aren't they used more? Will the serious cyclists laugh at this? It seems like my perfect solution.

Remember, I bought this entry level, almost new, ten year old roadbike for only $50 dollars at a garage sale (Giant Perigee - maybe $350 new?) and I will probably buy a new bike in the next 2 years. So, I don't wish to invest much in this one - it's just to get me into the hobby again and get "up to speed" on better bikes. I'll probably save it for my "beater".

The LBS has $10, 100mm stems but they won' go up high enough. Nitto's run $50 new.

Sorry for ramblin on.....................

Thanks so much for your help.

re: one of my best buds is...Akirasho
Sep 28, 2002 11:27 AM
... serious as a heart attack and he's used variations on adjustable quill stems, including the LOOK Ergo, to dial in and experiment with his position.

There's nothing wrong with using an adjustable stem if that's what you need... the primary downside is an increase in weight... which pales in comparison to comfort (a sub 15 lb bike is of little use if the size and your position on said lead to agony). Not everyone needs to attain the "ideal" roadie race position (not everyone has the ideal roadie body or flexibility).

One of the endearing qualities of cycling are the numbers of variations on a theme... those who haven't discovered that yet are at a distinct disadvantage.

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.