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Ultimate training wheelset suggestions(4 posts)

Ultimate training wheelset suggestionspeloton
Sep 28, 2002 9:37 AM
I'm planning on building a wheelset up this winter for daily riding/training purposes for next year. I'm not concerned at all with weight (actually, heavier is probably better). I'm thinking of starting with Ultegra hubs just for reliability's sake, and lacing it up to a Mavic open pro. I'm thinking 32h, with 3X pattern, brass nipples, and I haven't decided on spokes yet. I usually ride Michelin tires, so I'm thinking of Axial Carbons 700x23, the same size I normally ride with heavy tubes and maybe some spinskins. I was also thinking of throwing on a 105 cassette geared 12x27 or 12x25 for easy gears for early season and easy days.

I was thinking this would make a reliable, not too light training wheelset to protect my high-end wheels. Anyone have any other suggestions here?
FIR rims NmSpirito
Sep 28, 2002 10:45 AM
A few options.270bullet
Sep 28, 2002 4:12 PM
I've tried a bunch of different combos. The best I've found for me, a clydesdale, is Dura Ace hub, 32 hole, 3x, brass nipples, and Mavic CXP33 rims. Mount with Conti Gator Skin tires and you have a bomb proof ride that is just a small bit heavier than lightweight wheels but never go out of true and seldom go flat.

As an example, here are two sets that I tried and decided to sell simply because I like the set above better.

1. Dura Ace Hubs, Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims, 32 hole. eBay Item 1862850704. Auction ends on Sunday.

2. Mavic Classics Pro - 32 hole. eBay Item 1862854677. Auction ends Sunday.
A few options.peloton
Sep 28, 2002 4:44 PM
I'm a big guy too, so clydesdale advise is appreciated. I had thought of the CPX 33's as well. I know their bombproof reputation, and they are a little heavier than the open pros. I'm not concerned with weight on this wheelset as it will only be used for training, and I have a Dura-ace wheelset ready for the fast days. I still think that I will stick with Ultegra hubs as they are durable, although not as nice as the DA hubs. It is a training wheel so I don't want to dump too much money into them.

I have heard some people say good things about the Conti Gator Skins. I haven't had the greatest luck with Conit's in the past, although the I was pleased with the ride quality. How tight do you find the bead on a CPX-33 with the Gator Skins? Reasonable or PITA tight? How do the sidewalls hold up?