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Was just in a LBS - 2002 Trek 5200 for $1900!(19 posts)

Was just in a LBS - 2002 Trek 5200 for $1900!jtferraro
Sep 27, 2002 12:50 PM
Sounds like a decent deal, right? Unfortunately, it's the triple but they can convert it to the double for $30 they said. If I go for it I'm going to see if they can do the labor for free, as I like that round number - $1900! The left/front shifters must be different too though, no? I mean...if they are for the triple won't they have three positions instead of two? Hmm...if that's the case they'd have to swap the front shifter out for the double, too. Anyway, it's a 58cm "Smoke Carbon" frame. I guess this shop has a close relationship w/the Trek rep and the rep frequently gives them bikes that other shops can't sell or don't want. The shop employee said this one came from another shop b/c they weren't able to put the rear wheel on?! I think the drops weren't aligned or slightly out of whack in some way. I certainly don't like that about this bike, although this employee said they fixed it w/o any problem. Obviously, if I had a problem they would cover it, or Trek would. If I were to hold off and buy a '03 I can probably get 10% off, bringing the price down to $2250 or so, which is still $350 more than $1900, or $330 more than $1930(assuming I have to pay the labor for the switch over to the double). I don't think much, besides the fork from 120 OCLV to 110 OCLV w/straight blades, has changed from '02 to '03 but I'll have to review Trek's website and/or by booklets first.

Although I've ridden the bike(not this exact one) in a parking lot a bit, I've never really taken an OCLV for a longer ride and experienced it in other ways - climbing, sprinting, etc., so I'd have to test it out a bit first, too.

Hmm... what do you guys/gals think?

They are riding Triples in Vueltawink
Sep 27, 2002 1:06 PM
Buy the bike as is. This macho crap about the triples is a bunch of a hooey. Haras was kicking ass riding a triple up that mountain the other day! Be the first in group to ride a triple then drop them on the first big climb!
that's a stretch...mr_spin
Sep 27, 2002 1:12 PM
Some guys rode triples for one stage that had extreme grades. The rest of the time, and the rest of the year, no pro rides a triple.

There's nothing macho about it--they just don't need it. And neither do I.
one more thoughtwink
Sep 27, 2002 1:15 PM
I heard someone say the other night that it better to have it and not use then to need it and not have it! Use it as a bargaining tool, buy it as is and offer them $100 less! Well you ask what we thought!
Thanks for your advice, guys...jtferraro
Sep 27, 2002 9:04 PM
Are these mountain stages on the Vuelta steeper/longer than the Alpes & Pyrannes of the TDF? Just curious b/c I don't remember hearing about triples in the Tour. Ya' know...I don't even know if I'd need the triple or not, seeing that I'm on the road w/my mountain bike, presently. Naturally, it is a triple! One thing I did notice though, is that cassette is 12-15, rather than 12-23(like the Cannondale I'm considering), so that should help a tad, too.

Also, I doubt they'd go for the $100 less = $1800 w/the triple!

Take it with the triple!RickC5
Sep 27, 2002 1:30 PM
That's the same bike that I have, and although you may not need the granny gear too often, its real nice to have when you're tired and hit a steep hill.
You must be a cyclist and a vette guy, huh? ;-)jtferraro
Sep 27, 2002 9:06 PM
"C5", no?

Good deal, screw the triple!No_sprint
Sep 27, 2002 1:39 PM
BB change and crank change. They can do it in 5 minutes.

I've never seen a hill I couldn't climb in a 23 or 25.
Good deal, screw the triple!irregardless
Sep 27, 2002 3:04 PM
That may be true, but you'll be struggling on some long (several miles) 12%+ grades in the Sierras as I blow by you with fresh legs on my triple. Happens all the time.
re: Was just in a LBS - 2002 Trek 5200 for $1900!TREKY
Sep 27, 2002 1:47 PM
Only you know how strong of a rider you are.Only you know how strong of a climber you are.You make the decision being perfectly honest with yourself.If you can do that you won't regret it.
re: Was just in a LBS - 2002 Trek 5200 for $1900!Spunout
Sep 27, 2002 2:28 PM
Check that rear wheel problem. If the rear won't slip out after throwing the QR, then it better come out easy. If there is a spacing problem in the rear, this is a problem with carbon. No cold-setting the spacing like steel.
re: Stop being such a cheapskate....Bill B
Sep 27, 2002 3:59 PM
Buy the the bike for the $1900, it's a good deal. If you want them to change it over to a double pay the 30 bucks and give them a 20 dollar tip, it involves swapping out the bb, crank and both derailers. You are the original purchaser from an autherized Trek dealer so there should be no warranty issues with the rear wheel
Oh, so pay $50 rather than $30??jtferraro
Sep 27, 2002 9:18 PM
I know it is important to support your LBS, etc. It's just that I don't think I want the triple so I kinda feel why should I have to pay for it...let alone give them a $20 tip on top of the $30 charge. We'll see. I'm not opposed to paying the $30, but I don't see myself then tipping the shop $20!

Make friend for lifeBill B
Sep 28, 2002 5:26 PM
The bikes got a triple on it and you want them to change it, that entails some work. Why should they do it for free? To sell a bike? At the price they're asking they won't have to sit on it for too long. Then you can buy this years with a double for 2599.

The bike shop is giving you a good deal on the 2002, buy it, 30 bucks aint a whole lot to pay for the work they are going to do. You like round numbers, so round it up to 1950. The next time the shop gets a great inside deal on something you'll be on the short list of who to pass it on to, the next time you need a wheel trued in a hurry it'll get done while you wait, even on a busy Saturday. It is amazing how far a little good will will carry you.
I hear ya'...jtferraro
Sep 28, 2002 10:17 PM
You're right. I just stopped back in there today, even took the bike for a short spin(in sneakers & jeans, as I wasn't expecting to ride it). Yeah, I won't have a problem paying the $30 extra considering they'll need to change both derailleurs, BB, and crankset. Guess there really IS some work involved, eh? One more negative thing I noticed about the bike today, though - the right hand side of the "K" in the "TREK" label is missing on one side. Oh's just cosmetic. Lastly, the bike feels light when I pick it up, but when I weighed it, it weighed more than I expected, @18.8lbs! :(

Good for you...Bill B
Sep 29, 2002 6:15 PM
... your not making a mistake treating a good lbs fairly, it doesn't always happen. They appreciate it when it does.

You can chop a lot of weight of that bike by losing the icon bars, stem and seatpost and steel railed saddle.
Yeah, I can swap out the bars, stem, post, and saddle...but...jtferraro
Sep 29, 2002 7:21 PM
what would that cost me? The '03 Cannondale R000 that I've been drooling over has a 3T Forgie bar and stem, Ti railed Fizik saddle. The only thing I would maybe change is the Cannondale post. The bike is also, I'd imagine, close to 2lbs. lighter. The one thing it ISN'T though...carbon fiber. Hmmm....

Yeah, I can swap out the bars, stem, post, and saddle...but...Bill B
Sep 30, 2002 3:32 AM
There is no magic material to build bikes out of. Ride both. Buy the one that feels best. Light is not always better but remember what Colin Chapman said "If you want to go faster, add some lightness"
If it fits, buy it! Congrats!fracisco
Sep 27, 2002 4:08 PM
That's a great looking and performing bike. I belive that it's completely spec'd out in Ultegra? The local Trek/VW/LBS team (they really are all over the US) rides that exact bike (with a double), and they look like they are pure business.