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I've just had a five bike week!(4 posts)

I've just had a five bike week!Spoke Wrench
Sep 27, 2002 10:02 AM
I've had five rides this week. Since each of the five rides was quite different from the other four, it reasonably follows, sort of, that I'd logically use five different bikes.
Please tell me that...mlbd
Sep 27, 2002 11:11 AM
these aren't 5 different road bikes!! how could you possibly have 5 different road bikes that are best for 5 different kinds of riding? I can think of three: a flat course bike, a climber, and a TT bike. Add in a cross bike, and a mountain bike or two and I'm with you.
It's not that hard......Dave Hickey
Sep 27, 2002 11:21 AM
I have 5 that I ride all the time

1. LOOK KG241- good multi geared bike
2. Vitus 979- rain multi geared bike
3. LOOK KG86- good single speed
4. Gitane- beach cruiser/grocery getter single speed
5. Bianchi-Commuter bike(happens to be a single speed)
Please tell me that...Spoke Wrench
Sep 27, 2002 11:29 AM
1. Tandem ride with my wife and another tandem couple.
2. Go-fast bike, a Quantum Race, by myself.
3. The beater bike, a reworked Marin mountain bike. I ran errands on Tuesday.
4. The retro-grouch bike, a reworked Bridgestone RB-2. This was an extremely social ride with a group who call themselves "The Turtles." (I'm not making this up.) I found out there are also "Turbo Turtles" who ride a little faster.
5. The mountain bike. I hadn't mountain biked in over a year. It's good that I went out by myself so there was no one to laugh at me.