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still waiting for insurance company... (accident report)(4 posts)

still waiting for insurance company... (accident report)Cheezhead
Sep 26, 2002 8:38 PM
Two months ago (on July 30th), I was hit by a left-turning motorist in an intersection (very much like Ahimsa's accident below). After the initial contact from the insurance company a couple days after the accident, i haven't heard anything from them until about 4 weeks ago, when they called to tell me that they were going to get in touch with one last witness that week and then call me right back. Still no call back 4 weeks later...

I'm sitting here with a lawyer ready if I need him, but I'm getting really impatient because I want to be able to buy a new bike already so I can ride again (my OCLV was destroyed). What should I do? Should I call them? Stick it out longer? Not being able to ride is killing me...

Say Cheez
re: still waiting for insurance company... (accident report)K-Man
Sep 27, 2002 5:24 AM
What, your sitting back waiting for them to call? You'll be waiting longer than you want. I would call them every other day just to check the status of your claim. Remember if you call them you file get reviewed at each call, if not it probably only gets looked at when something happens (witness calls back, letter gets sent).
The sweaky wheels gets the greese so to speak!

no big plot here....typical insurance practice...Steve_0
Sep 27, 2002 5:33 AM
I had a car totaled bout 15 years ago...woman ran a stopsign. Not wanting to do battle with her insurance company, i put the claim through my own. Figured, I'll pay my $200 deductable, buy I get compensated this week, then let the insurance companies fight it out. I'll collect my deductable later.

Anyway, they bought my car that week. I waited 4 months for my deductable.

Called my ins. co.
"well look into it"
Called a month later
"well look into it"

Long story short, It took a year for my OWN insurance company to get off their arse to collect THEIR losses.

If they take that kind of time to collect their own losses, their certainly not in a rush to pay out someone elses.

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re: still waiting for insurance company... (accident report)commuterguy
Sep 27, 2002 10:02 AM
Knock on wood, I have never been through this for a bike accident. But, as a motorist, I was hit by a delivery truck making an extremely dangerous and illegal turn. I had an eye-witness who saw it from close range, and the truck driver admitted fault at the scene.

This seemed cut-and-dried to me, but the truck's insurance company (Nationwide) stalled and stalled and stalled. They even "lost" my claim at one point (i.e., I had to start over from scratch). I became convinced that they were never going to pay the claim, unless absolutely forced to. The mechanism for forcing them is through your state insurance regulator. (The state where you live, not where the accident occurred.) Only once I started the process of formally filing a complaint (and after I personnally arranged a conference call between my witness and the stonewalling claims processor who couldn't track down the witness) did I get a check. But by then I was so angry that I continued the complaint process, and only agreed to drop it when I got a large settlement from the insurance company for my annoyance and aggravation.

Several months later, I read a John Grisham novel concerning an insurance company that sold health care policies to poor people, and never paid any claims, cynically exploiting their reluctence to hire attorneys and/or learn about opportunties for redress. I wouldn't have found it credible prior to my experience, but found it strangely familar in retrospect.

Bottom line: contact you state regulator, find out how to file a complaint, and then tell the insurer that you are starting to feel like you might have to take that route.