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Schwinn Fastbacks(3 posts)

Schwinn FastbacksRCole
Sep 26, 2002 4:32 PM
Hey everyone, I searched for some info on this but could not find any on the percieved quality of this frame. No info on the web as well since the frame is no longer made.

So here goes... I was being stupid and bid on the frame (Fastback Limited) since I always found them intriguing. Little did I know but I won it. Pretty good deal - $350. So I figured it would be a good project to build one up. I have a few questions for you all. First, is the quality of this frame on par with earlier high-end Schwinn road bikes? How would they compare with current compact aluminum frames today, such as the Giant TCR or OCR frames? Also, does anyone know what type of bottom bracket it uses? English or Italian?

Any other feedback on the frame would be great. How do you think it would complement my Merlin compact frame?

Thanks again!
built one for my wifeDanoK
Sep 26, 2002 9:22 PM
I picked up a new Fastback frame for my wife from Supergo. Wanted the compact frame so that standover height wouldn't be an issue and put a Look Ergo stem to find the right bar position.

My perception of the quality of the bike:

The construction quality and finish look excellent. The bike is loaded with multiple shaped tubing and seems very well put together. I don't know how straight its alignment is because I never had it checked, but the bike rides very well. One little quality niggle I found is that the replaceable rear derailleuer hanger doesn't fit that well on the dropout. I think it throws the alignment of the rear derailleuer out slightly. However, it hasn't affected the shifting. I put Ultegra 9 STI shifters, an XT rear derailleuer and an XT rear cassette and it works just fine. I don't remember whether the BB threading is English or Italian. I can never keep straight which is which. I think its the one that has the threads going opposite directions. One other complaint is that the integrated headset is unique for that frameset. I had to special order through Cane Creek.

All in all, I think its a good bike and an outstanding value. Granted I haven't ridden it other than to spin it around the block to make sure everything is working right. But I am very happy with the purchase and my wife seems very happy with the bike (though all her previous experience is with department store MTBs.
Mine kicks assGator
Sep 27, 2002 7:55 AM
I've got one built w/Dura-Ace and I've found it to be an excellent bike. It's very stiff, the geometry seems spot-on and the build quality is very good, although the welds are a bit fat and sloppy IMHO. The tubeset is a proprietary aluminum Schwinn designed and it's very light, I believe 2.75 lbs for the frame; I saw one in a magazine built to about 14 pounds!

The headset is a Cane Creek integrated model. I've talked to them, and they plan to continue to build them indefinitely. The hanger, though, may be a problem to find--try not to bend it. Don't know about the bb. It think you'll enjoy it, definitely worth spending some $$ to build right.