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Please help w/clothing for cool,windy&wet MS150!(8 posts)

Please help w/clothing for cool,windy&wet MS150!jjdbike
Sep 26, 2002 12:17 PM
I know that this post probably seems silly to the experienced roady. I am new to the road & to touring. This will be my firts & I am attempting a dual century. I am nervous and clueless about what to were. I do not have saddle bags and am limeted to what I am able and willing to carry in my jersey pockets..The forecast for Sat is 60-72 deg w/ 17 mph wind, starting off w/rain showers. Sun calls for mid 50's to 70. I have a waterproof rain jacket (not breathable but vented). I have long and short sleeve jerseys. I have knee warmers and arm warmers. I also have mesh under tanks. Should I run out and get a pair of knicker bibs for the little extra wind protection, insulation, and added coverage? Should I buy a vest? Or should I stick with the removable warmers, undertank, and rain jacket for steady rain or added wind protection.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.
You'll want dry feetczardonic
Sep 26, 2002 12:28 PM
I haven't done any double centuries, but I do know that soaked shoes can make a 1 mile commute miserable. If there is rain in the forecast, particularly at the beginning of the ride, I would make sure to have some waterproof shoe covers. Well worth the cost and minimal size/weight.
re: Please help w/clothing for cool,windy&wet MS150!Mike Prince
Sep 26, 2002 12:42 PM
Maybe this helps, maybe not. In May I rode a century that at the start had temps of 50F or so with light drizzle. 5 minutes in the rain became heavy and never let up. By the end of the ride temps were in the high 40's. I wore:

-mesh sleeveless undershirt
-normal jersey, short sleeve
-Garneau vest
-arm warmers
-short fingered gloves
-bib shorts
-cotton cycling cap under helmet
-normal socks & shoes

By the end of the ride I was only wishing for 2 things: long fingered gloves and warmer toes. I should have worn my winter gloves and wool socks and/or shoe covers. Other than that I was fine.

Looking at your list, if it were me I'd get a vest as you may get real warm/soggy in that jacket. Wear a short sleeve jersey with warmers. Use regular bibs with knee warmers. Cover your feet if it will be cold and wet (shoe covers/old socks) You have everything but the vest and shoe covers. Concentrate on your core (torso/trunk), your knees and your feet and you should be fine even if you get wet.

The key will be to have just enough on to stay reasonably warm if the temps get towards the bottom of the range, but flexible enough to shed as the temps warm up. Not a good idea to bundle up too much and get too hot-you will tend to shed layers too quickly and catch a nasty chill. Your ranges are pretty large. 70 degrees is not that cool, although the rain would chill things a bit. Rain and 50's can be miserably cold if you're not prepared.
re: Please help w/clothing for cool,windy&wet MS150!PdxMark
Sep 26, 2002 12:45 PM
Those lows are not very low...

I'd really really not take the rain jacket. It will bake you at those temps, unles you ride at about 12 mph and it rains the whole time, and maybe even then you'll just be poached. The arm & knee warmers & undertank will all be nice and flexible, though you will shed the arm or leg warmers, or both, within the first hour - unless the rain persists. The undertank would be fine at even higher temps. Get a bright dayglow-colored vest to cut the wind if the rains stay and you'll be in great shape. (The bright color is not for the MS 150, where these is some safety in numbers, but rather for all those other rides you'll do on your own over the years in grey light conditions).

Or, just take the arm warmers, undertank, and a vest. Some folks have a 60 degree rule of thumb for leg warmers, but that's to warm for me...
Consider a fanny pack to store extra stuff....bent_spoke
Sep 26, 2002 2:31 PM
a cheap fanny pack may provide a level of insurance that you'll have the right gear for the conditions. I was on a day ride for the Face of American NYC to DC ride & I got by with just a saddle bag. However, my friends who were going the whole way, attempted to bring extra stuff since at one point the perdicted rain. One guy had a back pack & he sweated his butt off and put it away after the 1st day. The other guy had a fanny pack & he did pretty well, since the pack fits snugly around the waist which made it less of a bother.

Have a good one & I hope that you get good weather.
re: Please help w/clothing for cool,windy&wet MS150!NJRoad
Sep 26, 2002 4:20 PM
Your feet will depend on your shoes. Mine have a lot of mesh which means water can get in but it can also get out. If you have heavier sneaker type shoes, get at least toe covers. Invest in at least 4 pairs of good socks (2 each day). SmartWool is highly recommended or DeFeet.

For your hands I would recommend 4-8 pairs of rubber gloves, the surgical kind not the dishwashing kind. These are easy to throw on under your cycling gloves, take up zero room and they're cheap. The EMT following the ride may even give them out but I would come prepared unless you meet the only EMT in America who isn't very cool and helpful.

Also I would recommend the fanny pack, bigger than the wallet size but nothing you would carry more than your warmers, spare socks (in a plastic bag), and your rain jacket should you need it. 3M makes one that cost about $30 bucks is breathable, light and packs very small but is not very durable.

Good Luck!
re:Rode in similar conditions @ BMB Quad Century ride.dzrider
Sep 27, 2002 4:59 AM
The third day was in the low 60's and very rainy. I rode about as comfortably as the weather allowed and finished the ride without shivering. I wore the following:

Wool Sox - they make a huge difference in wet weather
Wind Stopper gloves over my cycling gloves.
Light weight, long sleeve thermal shirt
Water proof jacket
Shorts and leg warmers.

I carried a short sleeve shirt in case I got too warm and had room in my bags to stuff the leg warmers and rain jacket. There is no single outfit that will work for everything so plan on carrying a few items in pockets or in bags.

The first hour is by far the hardest so don't get discouraged. After that you can adapt, make peace with all but the most dreadful weather and enjoy the ride.
Don't forget eye protection!!!NJRoad
Sep 27, 2002 8:23 AM
especially if you wear contacts. I have a pair of Smith Sliders which came with a set of amber and gold lens.