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A ruined wheel and UPS to the rescue.(1 post)

A ruined wheel and UPS to the rescue.Ian
Sep 26, 2002 9:18 AM
I was riding with my usual group last Friday morning the 20th when I got a flat. I slowed to pull off the road and went to fix the flat. Then I noticed a nail (the head about the size of a thumbtack) stuck in the tire, and although it was hard to tell for sure, maybe in the rim. A friend went for his vehicle and came back to pick me up.

Once I got home I pulled the tire off. As I was doing this I thought it was a real stinker that I just put this tire on about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Then I saw a small nick in the rim sidewall and holes in the rim tape. Upon removing the rim tape, the true horror was revealed to me. Not only did that nail puncture my rim once, but every time the wheel rotated as I was stopping the nail went in and out. I counted 43 puncture holes in my rim.

I called and ordered a new wheel, impressing the fact that I was leaving for a big ride (Six Gap) the following Friday and needed the wheel shipped 3 day from CA to FL.

When the wheel didn't arrive yesterday, I called to get a tracking number. Bad news, the wheel had been shipped ground and was not due for delivery until Friday. UPS usually shows up in the evening, 4:00pm - 6:00pm, but I was planning on leaving Friday around 11:00am.

I called UPS and gave them the tracking number and said, "Help!"

They said they would forward a message to the driver and ask for an early delivery on the item.

They called me back today and said the message had been delivered and the driver will make every attempt to be here by 11:00am.

Now, hopefully they will make, but even if they don't, they made every effort to help me.

After all the trashed / ruined bike stories we hear, I thought it would be nice to hear a positive.

Kudos to UPS.