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Best Raod Shoes On The Market????????(18 posts)

Best Raod Shoes On The Market????????Mod5Man
Sep 25, 2002 5:41 PM
I was wondering what the best road shoes on the market are, just curoius.
re: Best Raod Shoes On The Market????????jtolleson
Sep 25, 2002 5:51 PM
Well, there is no consensus. But you will most commonly hear the names Sidi and Carnac.
It depends.....High Gear
Sep 25, 2002 6:02 PM
I think Carnac is the most well made shoe, still hand made from real leather in France. I would say Sidi is a very close second. Excellent quality, made in Italy but all man made materiels. Time is very close to Sidi if not tied. Again top quality, real leather but made in Moroco. The bottom line is find a shoe that fits snug but not to the point of cutting off circulation in hot weather when your feet swell and one that is shaped like your know not narrow in the toe box when you really need wide and so forth.
why is italian and leather betterishmael
Sep 25, 2002 7:48 PM
Synthetics dont streach and I would think take water better. And why should I care if italians or morrocans or whoever makes them? Other than trying to support certain countries (ones without sweatshops, but even then people who work in sweatshops are happy to have the job) can you really say certain countries make a better product
why is italian and leather betterHigh Gear
Sep 26, 2002 1:30 AM
It is my opinion that the people making cycling shoes in bike crazy France or Italy most likely care more about making a perfect bike shoe than someone from a country that could care less about cycling.
is that why Nike shoes are made in Italy? nmcollinsc
Sep 26, 2002 6:43 AM
Sure, but they're synthetic, not leather (nm)TrekFurthur
Sep 26, 2002 7:35 AM
And they are not really made in Italy.Ian
Sep 26, 2002 9:02 AM
Nor is there any "OCLV" in that sole. I suppose part of the uppers are made in Italy, or maybe that is their final point where the last stitch is sewn, but that sole comes from China. Look at it, a Shimano sole, and a Pearl Izumi sole, they are all cut from nearly the same mold.

re: I don't have 'em but,Akirasho
Sep 25, 2002 9:06 PM
... I suspect that a custom pair would be "best"... or

... otherwise, Sidi.

We abide.

Remain In Light.

Be the bike.

re: I don't have 'em but,WrigleyRoadie
Sep 26, 2002 5:50 AM
What are you waiting for, Akirasho?

Seriously, I KNOW you were smiling when Heras grabbed the gold jersey wearing your red, black and blue Sidis :-) I had a chance to pick those up from Bitz4bikes in my size, but got the all black Energies and I love them. I'm thinking of getting a white pair to match my new color scheme....
those "Rocket" shoes look suspiciously like Lamsons....Stinky Hippie
Sep 26, 2002 9:45 AM
...Is he back?

If so, did he refund all those people whose deposits he absconded with when he went out of business?
Rocket 7 is a small busines..fredly
Sep 26, 2002 3:54 PM
Rocket 7 is a small business here in Washington State, and has no relationship at all with the company you mentioned. Please, in the future, refrain from this type of speculation. This is how rumors get started that can seriously hurt small businesses.
re: Best Raod Shoes On The Market????????aliensporebomb
Sep 26, 2002 4:53 AM
I like my Diadorras - they're not as expensive as Carnacs
but have some of the same features (three velcro closures).

I liked the look of the Carnacs but I've never spent $300
for footwear in my life, it would be way out of character.

Back to the Diadorra's:
They're made in Bulgaria which is extremely weird but they
seem to work for me (and they match my bike too). Weird.
Off topic - ASB going to NC this weekend or riding Sunday? (nm)Scot_Gore
Sep 26, 2002 5:15 AM
Off topic - ASB going to NC this weekend or riding Sunday? (nm)aliensporebomb
Sep 26, 2002 7:42 PM
Scot - I'm not sure what's happening - I know I'm NOT going
to NC because there was a death in my wife's family. We're
heading out of town (Rochester). Not sure if we're staying
overnight or what the deal is. It all depends on how things
go down. This was a well loved guy so I fear the worst.
Stand by.
Sep 27, 2002 4:05 AM
Sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reply, hope to see you.

re: Best Raod Shoes On The Market????????peter1
Sep 26, 2002 6:41 AM
DMT is making some inroads in the U.S. I was all set to buy Carnacs but tried a pair of DMTs also and wound up buying them because the heels are narrower. At a certain price level, say $150 and up, it's more about fit than quality, I reckon.
(odd, though, four years ago you couldn't spend more than $175 for a pair of shoes. Seems like the threshold has shot up to $300 plus. Maybe Manolo Blahnik will be making stiletto cleats soon...)

I have to say that I prefer synthetics to leather, because you can ride in the rain without getting soggy.
agree on the DMTozone
Sep 26, 2002 8:46 AM
I just got a pair of the carbon sole DMT's and I love them. I bought a pair of Carnacs last year and I never really bonded with them. The cleat sets too far off the sole and they are a little wide for my foot. The DMT uses a shimano carbon sole and fits similar to a Sidi but is much stiffer.