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Moving to Fresno - > Coarsegold(6 posts)

Moving to Fresno - > CoarsegoldSpecialized
Sep 24, 2002 10:19 PM
i am interested about the biking possibilities in the area.. are their good rides up in the hills??? Are there ride groups in fresno?? any recommended bike shops?
e-mail meDougSloan
Sep 25, 2002 5:39 AM
Is it Fresno or Coarsegold? There are plenty of good places to ride. Here are some links, but feel free to e-mail me, too: (join)

Cyclopath Fine Bicycles (best shop, IMO)

Tri-Sport Bicycles (only bike stuff, despite the name) (my wimpy site, just some links)

And if you like to get dirtyStraightblock
Sep 25, 2002 9:25 AM
check out or the LBS in nearby Oakhurst. Lots of good MTB riding in the Bass Lake area.

There's also a good hilly century on October 5.

Also, the owner of Tri-Sport lives in Yosemite Lakes, not far from Coarsegold. I'm sure he'd be glad to help you.
If you're there Oct. 5...Lon Norder
Sep 25, 2002 9:54 AM
You should ride the Grizzly Century out of North Fork.
yes, great centuryDougSloan
Sep 25, 2002 10:01 AM
The Grizzly is very hilly, and partly runs about 2,000 feet above the San Joaquin River. Most of it is up in big pine trees, with perfectly clean, crisp air. The climbs are not really steep, but there are a ton of them. What's nice about this one is that it's run in an area where you probably never would do an unsupported century, because there are no services anywhere for the first 80 miles. It's on the definitely do list.

re: Moving to Fresno - > Coarsegoldlaffeaux
Sep 25, 2002 11:36 AM
Check out this site if you're into MTB. It's a shop in Oakhurst (about 5 miles from Coarsegold).