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Bike shops in San Francisco...?(5 posts)

Bike shops in San Francisco...?enclavecat
Sep 24, 2002 6:25 PM
We will be honeymooning in San Fran for two weeks and Im looking for a good shop to rent from. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton on Nob hill so we are going to try and ride the SFGP route for grins. Should make for some great pics.
Just got back a few weeks agoAhimsa
Sep 24, 2002 7:21 PM
There's a bunch of places on the Wharf that rent hybrids to tourists, but to be honest, I just decided to skip it altogether. I really didn't want to bounce around on a Marin rental in a city with such great cycling potential.

My advice? Take your own bike if possible. If ya can't, then skip it until next time. There was plenty to do, and though I missed my bike alot, I had a great time.

Go visit American Cyclery while yer there. And eat breakfast at The Titanic Cafe on Sutter. It's not far at all from Nob Hill, the food (& the coffee) is fantastic gourmet fare and very cheap. It was so good we kept going back.

Oh, and be sure to drop a huge wad of dough on dinner at Jardinere. It's in the theater district and will blow your mind (and your budget) but is absolutely worth it.

Rent a cheap car instead of the bikes and drive through Nappa. Beeeeautiful. Oh, and decent wine as well. ( :

my different advice....Steve_0
Sep 25, 2002 5:04 AM
Firstly, congrats on your upcoming nuptuals; We too spent several days of our honeymoon in SF (several weeks in wine country, then ventured up the coast).

Anyway, during my honeymoon, I was at the heaviest point in my (tri) racing. So much so, I was quite a bit worried about a 20 day break in training. Brought my running shoes and goggles.

So after the wedding day, the LAST thing I wanted to do was train. Thought that feeling would pass. You 'know, when you have a brand-spankin new wife, outlook on training changes quite a bit.

You'll find plenty to do without a bike. Rent those hybrids down at the wharf like we did....its OK to ride upright now and then, and its even MORE alright to be a tourist (occassionally). I had a lot more fun plodding around the bay area at a snails pace with my bride, smelling the roses, than I would have otherwise.

Unless you AND your wife are SERIOUS cyclists, and you BOTH think youll feel like doing serious riding; forget brining your own bikes.

BTW - Never used those running shoes or goggles, and came back to finish a sprint feeling great.
I miss itishmael
Sep 25, 2002 5:24 AM
Left 2 years ago. I rented a tandem with my girlfriend, it was a blast, rode around golden gate park. That way you can get a good but mellow ride in and keep the misses around. The place we rented it was on the park pan handle(if you are facing haight street while in the park its to your right about a block and facing you, asians run it). It was a mountain bike. Never go to the bike store on the left of haight called velo something
Some ideasms
Sep 25, 2002 6:09 AM
I spent some time in SF in July 2001. I rented a Trek 1200 (not the greatest bike, but it was a road bike) from a bike shop on Columbus Avenue, about a block from the end of the cable car line. I do not remember the name of the shop. There was a Blazing Saddles location a block away that also had road bikes (Blazing Saddles has no road bikes at Fisherman's Wharf). The cost for renting a road bike is about $40.00 per day. I would highly recommend taking your own bike. Even if you have to pay $80.00 each way to take it on the plane (some airlines are cheaper), you will recover your cost in four days. Also, you will feel a lot more confident on your own bike than on a rental when you are descending on the streets of San Francisco or in the Marin headlands. My experience with the rental in San Francisco caused me to buy a bike case and take my bike with me this summer -- I was much happier with my own bike.

There are a series of great bike maps for California (I can't remember the name -- I borrowed one when I was there). Also, you can find bike-specific guidebooks in major bookstores in SF.

Good luck and best wishes on your marriage.