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Hey Ishmael(2 posts)

Hey IshmaelAhimsa
Sep 24, 2002 5:38 PM
Here's what you need for your component lock up issue.

"...PITLOCK secures bicycle front and rear wheels, seat posts, forks and even brakes from theft...PIT-Ahead secures the shock, Ahead set, and stem..."

So that's wheels, post, fork, stem, & brakes.

I suppose that leaves the bar, levers, and seat for you worry about. Hmmmmm.....I'd prolly skip the seatpost thingy and take it and the seat with me. Bar and levers? I guess I'd take my chances there. Maybe go with Tiagra and a cheapo bar. Slap those Torx bolts on for good measure if ya want.
The beauty of all this is that it minimizes your locking up with a ton of wimpy cables and posing a challenge to someone who knows how easy it is to defeat 'em. That screams "I'm worried about theft of my nice parts".

You could get by with a short New Yawk chain with the Pitlock gear and not look like a huge "steal me" sign.

Disclaimer: I have yet to purchase the Pitlock set myself, so I have no experience with it personally. Meh.

thanks, I looked and couldnt find. Thats just what I wantishmael
Sep 25, 2002 5:16 AM
And if I still have that feeling I want to throw money away I can buy them in ti. I'm putting them on a track bike, nothing can stop me now(barring someone just kicking in my wheels, but I have faith in mankind,i dont think that would happend)