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FOA Ride(1 post)

FOA Rideonespeed
Sep 24, 2002 9:44 AM
Just got back from DC. I had a great time on the ride. It was flat enough to be able to do it all on my fixed.

I had no problem with the showers or water issues, because I got into camp early on both days (caught the first Sea Streak the first day that beat the smaller ferries leaving Manhattan, caught the 11am ferry the second day that only 15 people got on).

I had a problem with the food offered as a whole. Where was the protein? As a vegetarian I had a hard time. As a meat eater I would have had a harder time.

Water was not really an issue for me, I think I drank a total of 4-5 bottles the entire ride. I usually had enough left over in my water bottle in the morning to get me through until lunch.

I thought the beer the 2nd night was awesome, I got trashed!!

The holding us up at the different points was a bit grating, I cooled down too much while waiting for the course to reopen. This in turn caused a havoc on the roads with so many riders leaving at once.

Talking to Lemond and Hamilton was pretty cool, but I got just as much out of riding with the disabled riders.

I rode in the front the first day with William who was riding a regular Cannondale with one arm. He had lost it years before in a construction accident. He could actually get out of the saddle with one arm; he was one of the srrongest riders I rode with.

Dexter the other track bike rider did the whole ride with only one leg. The hand cyclists were cool to talk to while riding, they always looked so relaxed.

Pallotta did it a lot better, no question about it. I cant
figure out why they didnt pirate some Pallotta staff to consult on the ride, they are all out of work now.

All in all a good experience, but I hope they update some of their methods if they ever do another ride this big again.