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CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....(10 posts)

CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....castrello
Sep 24, 2002 9:11 AM
Hello. Will buy CAAD 5 bike. Probably a 2003 R800. Im male, riding a Scott AFD 209, size 58 center-center. Cannondale measures center-top. Should I go for a 58 or a 60 cm CAAD 5? 60 sounds huge to me. Will have possibility to try different sizes, but will have to travel in order to do so.
This is me:
length 186 cm
inseam 90 cm (approx, maybe 89)
shoulders 44 cm (will I like the stock bars?)
weight 70 kg
shoe size 43
uses Look 357 pedals

Have tried the Wrench Sciense size calculator and read a lot on the subject. Read too much as I cant seem to make up my mind... Anyway, with a 90 cm inseam I should go for a 60 cm frame (center to top) according to a lot of people, sites and laws.

comes from a mtb background, rides 3-5 times on the road, 1-3 hours, hates a cramped cock-pit but also likes flickablity, climbing and attacking my mates.

Please help please...

Oh, and this is my old bike:

58 cm center-center (roughly 59 cm center to top)
top tube is about 57 cm long (according to their homepage)

a 58 cannondale (center to top) has a 57.5 cm top tube and the 60 cm has a 59 cm top tube. Dont know about the length of the stem on the Cannondales. Does anybody know the difference in the length of the head tube on the different Cannondale´s? If the top tube is 1 cm too short, I could always adjust that with a new stem, but if a choose a frame thats too small (standover), then I might suffer when Im reaching for the drops. At least thats my interpretion of the idiots guide to bike fit.

My old bike is ok, feels good and long enough. I dont have to struggle in order to reach my bars. The top tube feels ok, but coming from a mtb background, Im not that picky.

Please help me. Pleeeeeze. Im (slightly) stupid and Im (very) confused. Life was so simple before I started enjoying roadbikes!!!

Oh, and just to make matters worse...

Standover height:

My old bike (Scott AFD 2000): approx 84 cm
Cannondale CAAD size 58: 82.9 cm
Cannondale CAAD size 60: 84.7
You want the 58cmLeroy
Sep 24, 2002 9:20 AM
That's your closest top tube match, and standover looks ok to me, too. I'd go with the 58.

My CAAD5 frame is scheduled for delivery today. I bought it from GVH Bikes, and sized mine just the way I advised you: top tube match first, everything else, next. I'll bet mine fits, but I'll report back my results!

Good luck,

Dave Loving
You want the 58cmcastrello
Sep 24, 2002 9:29 AM
Thanks Dave!

Can I ask you about your lengths and sizes. What size did you choose?

Im still kinda curious about this standover thing. Since my inseam is 89-90 and the standover on the 58 is 82.9 this would leave me with a diff of approx 6-7 cm. Is this too much? According to the guy who wrote the post "Idiots guide to bike fit" I should start looking for a larger size if inseam minus standover is more than 5.7 cm. If the drops would feel too low and my position would be too cramped, I suppose I could just put on a stem with a 5 degree higher rise or something? Am I just being silly here? Hmmm, guess so... However, opinions would be appreciated.
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....LC
Sep 24, 2002 9:23 AM
In general the Cannondales tend to fit large. I ride a 54 cm Canny or a 56 cm Trek. I would think the 58 cm would fit the best since the top tube is close to your old bike. The stems on the new Cannys seem to have quite a bit of rise to them so you should be ok in the drops. Best bet is to ride both sizes. There are plenty of dealers around.
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....castrello
Sep 24, 2002 9:33 AM
Thanks LC!

Guess your right... However there isn´t a lot of dealers around, since Im from Finland. There´s a dealer where I live, but he only has a 56 cm cannondale in store at the moment. But I will testride before I buy, even if that means that I will have to travel for 4 hours in order to do so...
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....nazgul
Sep 24, 2002 2:58 PM
I am 184cm tall with a 87cm inseam and I ride a 58 with a 110mm stem. I have quite a large drop from the top of the saddle to the bars. I suspect that with your inseam the drop would be even larger, which would probably mean you would want a stem with some rise. If you care about what the stem nazis think, this might not be optimal. If you are a racer a 58 would probably be fine, if you are more into long rides I would look at the 60 or at a different frame altogether.
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....castrello
Sep 25, 2002 12:50 AM
Is the 110 mm stem stock? Hmm, I guess the 60 would be ok, but now I´m wondering about the top tube. Since I´m now riding a 57 cm top tube with a 12.5 cm stem. I never race, but I will do some long rides as well as group rides (60-110 km) on it.

Hmm, guess I´ll have to call for a testride and see if the LBS (well, not THAT local since I´ll have to travel 5 hours in order to get there...) have any CAAD5s.

Thanks a bunch for all the answers!
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....nazgul
Sep 25, 2002 7:09 AM
I don't know if the 110mm is what came in the box with the bike but your LBS should swap out the stem for a different length if needed. Also take a look at the geometry charts at, I believe the 58 and the 60 have different seat angles (the 60 is more slack).
re: CAAD 5 OWNERS and others....castrello
Sep 25, 2002 9:02 AM
Yeah, Ive noticed that. But I guess that means the frame will feel even longer...?

I´m not that worried about top tube length, since the 58 is 57.5 cm long (compared to my old bike; 57 cm plus a 12.5 cm stem). Im actually more worried that the drop would be to great. Seeing as the the difference in standover height between the 58 and the 60 is 1.5 cm, does this mean that the difference in height between the bars and the saddle will be 1.5 cm higher? If that´s the difference, then it would be easy to adjust that with a slightly more upright stem, I suppose (assuming the stock stem is a O degree stem, I could get it 1.5 cm "higher" by switching it to a 10 degree).

Well, just some thoughts...
caad5 news flashLeroy
Sep 24, 2002 10:11 PM
GVH Bikes delivered the frame right on time, i.e., today. I just finished building the new caad5 frame up with a chorus/centaur mix. At 1 a.m. I'm riding up and down the street seeing if it'll shift. It does. 50cm frame. The 525m top tube is just right. Standover is ok. Looks great. Just from the short cruise tonight I can tell this is a good one!

Castrello: However long you have to travel to test one, it'll be worth it.