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Napa Ca. Nice riding, met cyclist doing S.F.-N.Y. ....(3 posts)

Napa Ca. Nice riding, met cyclist doing S.F.-N.Y. ....rwbadley
Sep 23, 2002 7:16 AM
I went to Napa with some friends for a beer conference over the weekend. Great weather and perfect riding conditions!.

The first day I met a fellow cyclist in tha camp at Skyline Park. He had the full touring rig, and I went over to chat with him. It turns out he was on the third day of a tour to New York from San Fransisco. His name was Ralph, and he was plotting a ride down to Yosemite Park then over Tioga Pass and across Hwy 50 through Nevada. I asked if he would like some company on the next day's ride he said sure.

That night our camp was pretty well animated (being a beer conference and all) the next morning was early and very bright. Ralph packed up his gear and we head out. We agreed to take the back road into Fairfield. The cool morning air made for some nice riding over the pass. Tweeting birds, giant oak trees, and the occasional vineyard rounded out the scenery. We snacked on some wine grapes, stopped at a roadside fruit stand, and lunched on bread and hummas. At Fairfield (26 miles)I wished Ralph lotso luck on his journey and I headed back to camp.

I wanted to make time getting back, as four hours had gone by, so I took Hwy 12 to Napa. Talk about hot, humid, headwind, and traffic. Got back in camp and settled into some serious rehydration. That night we did more of the 'beer judging' and woke up next morning to another very bright morning.

A cyclist camped next to our camp broke out his Litespeed and off we went. This was a fast ride, but all uphill out of Skyline park. We found this great road that just went up, up, up. After ripping our legs off we turned around for the descent. What fun, it was like an arcade game, twisty turning road, down 10-12% grade Wheee!

More rehydration and then the cool evening with further beer judging events.

A great weekend with Bikes and Beer! Hope yours was good as well,

Sounds like a good time was had by all...Brooks
Sep 23, 2002 8:12 AM
but it seems kind of late in the year to be heading towards NY. I hope the guy makes it alright. I love Napa this time of year with less crowds and generally great weather.
Right, I thought weather may become quite an issue ...rwbadley
Sep 23, 2002 8:25 AM
I can see getting over the Rockies then another week or so then bam right into winter. I wish him luck, and gave him my e-mail. I hope to hear how he made out.