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Anyone notice the painted roads in the Vuelta???(7 posts)

Anyone notice the painted roads in the Vuelta???biknben
Sep 22, 2002 6:27 PM
Near the base of the last climb in today's stage the riders went over a huge painted "member" on the road. Yes, I'm referring to the male sexual organ. Then just a few seconds later there's another one. It was quite obvious if you ask me.

I remember seeing a pic of one from this years TDF. Anyone got an explanation other than the local kids playing a prank?
re: Yep, did you see the BUSH one?cyclejim
Sep 22, 2002 6:34 PM
painted across the road in large white letters:

Sep 23, 2002 4:45 AM
They sure are mixed up!
Sep 23, 2002 6:10 AM
Was most likely done by the Basque seperatists, rather than the general Spanish population would be my guess.
LOLmike r
Sep 23, 2002 11:21 AM
actually, not many people outside the US support bush, most people think he is an idiot and more of a danger than saddam. he seems a little too eager to start another war.

and the whole right to bear arms thing is crazy, your not in the wild west anymore

(don't shoot the messenger)
That's interesting, but I doubt he cares...TJeanloz
Sep 23, 2002 1:11 PM
Not many people in the United States support Chirac, and even fewer have any idea who he is. The problem with the rest of the world is that they've mistaken the United States President for somebody who actually cares what they think. Newsflash to France: you don't vote in American elections, hence Mr. Bush really doesn't care what you think.

On the right to bear arms, I couldn't care less, but gun ownership is actually not correllated with violence- Canada has more guns per capita than the United States, and much lower rates of gun violence; the right to ownership is not the problem here.
tsk tskmr_spin
Sep 23, 2002 6:31 AM
Maybe it's just me, but the "member" seemed to take advantage of the dashed center line to give the appearance that it!