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This HAS to be rim failure...right?(5 posts)

This HAS to be rim failure...right?DT
Sep 22, 2002 3:11 AM
I posted the topic the other day about my tire blowing off the rim at 27mph in a left turn. I initially thought I had overinflated the Conti GP 4 Seasons tire (110 recommended, 120 max, I had it at 115), but after looking at the rim some more and thinking about it, I think it must be rim failure ('98 Rolf Vector Pro). The tire blew off the right side during a left hand stayed on the rim, covering the right side, but not the left. The left side ahs scrapes all over it from the pavement, but the right has none. I can't get a pic to load, but there's a 2-inch section that has a crack in it with daylight showing through and is folded over the outside of the rim. There's no way that coulda been caused by the pavement since there's no marks on it. Does anyone know if Rolf warranties their stuff aginst things like this? Thanks for input.
It probably is but...Lone Gunman
Sep 22, 2002 5:38 AM
It is a rim that is 4 years old, you may be past the time limit. And since Trek and Rolf are no longer associated one or both should be contacted about a warranty issue or the place where you obtained the rims might help. Honestly, I think you might be S.O.L.
Sep 22, 2002 5:13 PM
A crack in the rim side wall with no impact evidence means that it failed due to tire side pressure. Was there any visible wear on the braking surface to indicate thinning? If not, then this rim was either poorly designed or defective. There has been some talk of very light clincher rims having tire pressure limits of 140-150 psi (as posted by some rim companies), but there is no way that 115-120 psig should have caused rim failure.
Open Pro psi limits,TJeanloz
Sep 23, 2002 10:36 AM
The Mavic Open Pro has a limit as low as 117 lbs, depending on tire width. And it isn't even really a light weight rim.
re: This HAS to be rim failure...right?Lactate Junkie
Sep 23, 2002 12:06 PM
Unless it is damaged in some way, a rim shouldn't crack and break, certainly not at the pressures you were running, almost regardless of age and certainly not after just a few years. I would check with Trek and and Rolf and see what they will do. Trek was "partnering" with Rolf in '98. The wheels are out of warranty, but they may take care of you rather than risk legal issues. I am not sure but I seem to remember that USPS had a problem with the first Vector Pro's and ended up riding Mavic one year because of it. I am not sure what year