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Carbon seat stays and steerer tubes on large frames?(2 posts)

Carbon seat stays and steerer tubes on large frames?heldveld
Sep 21, 2002 4:26 PM
Anyone out there ride a bike 63cm or larger with carbon seat stays and/or a carbon steerer tube? Is this safe and/or reliable long term? Is it more comfortable? I know some manufacturers won't use either of these options on large bikes. Is there a limit to the total length of the carbon steerer or just the stack height?

Anyone with experience or knowledge your input would be appreciated.
Depends on brand/modelKerry
Sep 21, 2002 5:05 PM
For the fork whose design goal is absolute minimum weight, things get sketchy in the largest frame sizes. Obviously 1&1/8" is a better choice for larger riders, just from a stiffness standpoint. Carbon stays are less of an issue, since they aren't subject to the stresses of a fork steerer tube. Note that CF stays actually add weight to the bike (the stays are lighter but the attaching hardware ends up pushing you over the weight of a straight Ti or Al setup). You'll need to dialog with some bike suppliers to get their stories and find someone who is designing for larger frames. Also, while the rider is obviously heavier on a large frame, there's heavier, and then there's heavy.