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need help with knee/leg pain(3 posts)

need help with knee/leg painavitar
Sep 21, 2002 1:19 PM
About a month ago while riding a 50 miler I developed a bad pain just below and to the out side of me knee (seems like muscle more toward the front of leg from the calf). I have not ridden as far since, but today on my 3rd lap in Central Park (about 16 miles into my ride) the pain was back. I just started riding this season. could cleat placement cause this? I have X2 pedals. My knee's tend to be more outward naturally (walk like a duck). please help... I would like to try my first century next month,, but I barely made it through my 50 miler .. pain was for bad for last 5-10 miles. Also I did the same 50 mile ride several times before without the pain. I have been Bike Shop fit... KOP .. changed my stem for one a bit shorter...
Sep 21, 2002 1:48 PM
Its hard to say what is causing the pain but I can rule out a few things for you:

1) cleat position... as long as its over the ball of your foot and reasonably aligned it should be fine. Speedplays are self aligning so unlike SPD(-R), Look, etc. it wouldn't make a difference.
2) body position... theres no way bike fit through stem, etc. could affect how your knees felt.

What it could be is:

1) saddle height... over time a seatpost can move.
2) your knees just not likeing speedplays float since you naturally bow your knees out... I've never heard of this though. I know some people like to be firmly clipped in with little float (SPD or SPD-R) though (like me).
3) just too much mileage. Look at your mileage patterns when your knees have bugged you and when they haven't. If you need to start keeping a log do so. Since it comes and goes and is not chronic this could be important to diagnosing the problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Sep 21, 2002 4:44 PM
Google ITB syndrome or ilio tibial band syndrome. The pain on the outside of the knee makes it possible. The web search will guide you to some self diagnosis stuff and the cure. As I understand it, the right kind of stretching fixes this problem, if that's what you have.