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A good deal for 02 Lemond Victoire w/ full Ultegra?(2 posts)

A good deal for 02 Lemond Victoire w/ full Ultegra?Fattrax
Sep 20, 2002 3:32 PM
LBS is clearing the rack for 03. They are offering me the Lemond for $2500 ($2612 w/tax), knock down from 2700. Standard set up, Ultegra groupo, Selle San Marco, Cane Creek headset, Bontrager Race Lite. I was just fitted, so it was set up to my specs for the test ride. This is my first true "road bike" so I don't have much knowledge to compare it by. However, compared to the C’dale T500 touring bike I have now, this thing flies. I am also considering to get custom job from Landshark. Thoughts?
re: A good deal for 02 Lemond Victoire w/ full Ultegra?the other Tim
Sep 22, 2002 9:01 AM
That's a great bike at a pretty good price. We paid the same price on a 2001 close-out where the regular price was $2900. It may come down more over the next few months (if it's still there). I think the Bontrager Race Lites are a 100% improvement over the Rolf Vector Comps that came on the 2001. The bars, stem and seatpost are not exciting, but the frame is sweet, and that's where you want to invest. It is the same frame as the Tete de Course. If you can't get them to go lower on the price, try to get them to throw in a nice set of pedals.