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Does cycling "angry up the blood?"(3 posts)

Does cycling "angry up the blood?"jose_Tex_mex
Sep 20, 2002 1:18 PM
Do you find yourself losing patience as the intensity or duration of a ride increases in situations you would normally brush off?

Do you think that many of the cyclists who drop the "f" word regularly are just foul mouthed or does our sport just bring about an increased flow of testosterone or agression. Mayge this angry blood is a necessity?

Same deal with fights.

What do you think?
Sep 20, 2002 1:30 PM
Some riders (guys and women both) are just hotheads. It all boils down to how each individual handles stress. I race a lot, and often the mildest-mannered and nicest people can metamorphose into Mr/Ms Hyde when the adrenaline starts flowing. F-words are pretty common in racing fields of both genders, and probably everyone has gotten barked at on a group ride at some time.

By the same token, some riders just get more driven and focused; and take pride in being able to shrug this stuff off and let their riding do the talking.

I think you might be referring to same thing I mentioned in my reply below where I said that riding / commuting during peak hours tends to bring out the worst in both riders and drivers. Stress is the common quotient there.
I think I'm just foul-mouthed. nmLeisure
Sep 22, 2002 2:07 AM