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Removing decals and putting on new.(4 posts)

Removing decals and putting on new.Juanmoretime
Sep 20, 2002 11:43 AM
I just bought a older Litespeed Vortex and the decals are cracked. I ordered a new set from Litespeed. I have never removed or replaced decals on a frame. Can anyone share the best way to remove them of a brushed titanium frame. What is the best method for reapplying them?

Thank you for your help!
Fingernail polish removerKerry
Sep 20, 2002 4:13 PM
This should work well to both soften the adhesive and then remove it after you peel off the decals. Heat from a hair dryer will soften things as well, but you'll still have to remove the residual glue. It might not hurt to measure carefully as to where the current decals are located so you have a reference in placing the new ones. Make sure you get the frame super clean before you put on the new decals - solvent, soap & water, water rinse, dry thoroughly. When applying new decals, attach a very small portion of one end without applying much pressure. Hold the other end a few inches away from the frame and line things up as straight as possible. A second set of hands helps in this next step - keep tension on the decal while removing the backing and then lay it down while keeping tension. This will make sure that the long decals are both straight and bubble free. Smooth the center of the decal and work toward the edges slowly, removing bubbles as you go.
Fingernail polish removerdivve
Sep 20, 2002 10:55 PM
For large decals found on a bike I'd recommend the wet installation method. See links:

(instead of using an alcohol solution you can also use soapy water)
Thank you for the Help! nmJuanmoretime
Sep 21, 2002 2:57 AM