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To: "Red Rider" Thank You! (long)(1 post)

To: "Red Rider" Thank You! (long)seejoy
Sep 20, 2002 10:51 AM
I have a regular solo ride I do several times a week. At least once a week a nameless rider going the other direction comes down the road and one of us motions Hello! Nice. Evening before last he goes by and ,as always, it was nice to know someone else was out there. So, I am approching "Pector Hill", one of those hills that when I started riding three months ago I had to stop twice on to catch my breath and still my heart before going on. Now I go up one shot, and yes, in my granny gear! (hey as long as my legs are going around it's all good!!) For the first time I see a second rider and he is flying down Pector Hill (I've done 42mph on it). He is a blur in red!! He hangs a right, my left, and I decide to skip the hill and follow him down a road I have never traveled. I see the road goes up, another hill!, and I see him ahead of me. I do not expect to catch up, but it is nice to share the road. To my surprise I notice that he is struggling his way up. Wow I think to myself, I am not alone on the road nor in my effort to improve! The road bends this way and that and I lose sight of the "red" rider. I go left and travel empty unknown country roads. Later, to my dismay, I find myself on the hill of all hills, long and steep.I tried this hill once, had to stop three times before I made it to the top...this time I'm going down, braking all the way. I get to the bottom, I turn around, and say to myself, "why not?". This time I make it,in the granny gear, but the legs continue to turn, and straight as an arrow I climb! The lonely miles on the rode are paying off!! Thank you "Red Rider" for the left turn!!