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Shimano Parts History(7 posts)

Shimano Parts Historycrabeedough
Sep 20, 2002 6:35 AM
I am unclear as to how the lines of Shimano parts have developed over time. Recent Dura-Ace celebrated 25 years, but I have never seen any old Dura-Ace stuff (whereas I have seen tons of Old Campy Chorus parts). What was Shimano 600, what was it comparable too? Any info would be grand.

Partial Dura Ace timeline..Dave Hickey
Sep 20, 2002 6:54 AM
Dura Ace timeline

7400 6 speed SIS (1988??)
Uniglide 6 speed cassettes
BR-7400 single pivot brakes (non SLR)
HP - ball bearing headset
HB-7400 last non-cassette hub
MF-7400 last freewheel
standard profile crankarms
RD-7400 (6spd)
ST-7400 (8spd STI used with RD-7402 below) doesn't this work on 7spd also?
PD-7400 aero pedal with clips (still used on track a lot!)

7401 FH - 1st cassette hub? (126mm)
7 speed SIS
PD-7401 Look compatible pedals (Used by Lance to win TdF)
7 spd Uniglide cassette
RD-7401 (7spd)

7402 Superglide chainrings (A/B types)
RD-7402 (8spd)
BR-7402 SLR Single Pivot brakes
HB-7402 8spd cassette hub (130mm)

7403 BR-7403 SLR Dual Pivot Brakes
HB-7403 8spd cassette hub (what is different from 7402?)

?? An aero seatpost used to be here somewhere... And the DA stem!

7410 SP - Easton seatpost
HP - Cartridge bearing headset
PD - SPD pedals
BB - Cartridge BB
FC - SLP crankarms w/ SuperGlide chainrings
FD - new ft derailleur (why?)

7600 Track version of 7400 series
high flange hubs
1/8" or 3/32" chainrings and cogs available

7700 ST-7700 9spd STI (1997?)
BB-7700 splined BB with needle bearings
FC-7700 hollow low profice splined crankarms
PD-7700 SPD-R pedals (No longer used by George Hincapie!)
FH-7700 Ti cassette body, Al QR levers
CS-7700 9spd cassette, Ti large cogs
HB-7700 Al axle, Al QR levers
BR-7700 Dual Pivot SLR, smaller & lighter than 7403
CN-7700 Narrow chain with annoying master pins

!!! 25 Anniversary Group !!! 1999 (Buy a Happy Meal, get one free!)

7710 Track group (1999 / 2000)
FC - low profile splined crankarms
HB - low flange hubs
BB - sealed version of splined??
Partial Dura Ace timeline..Lactate Junkie
Sep 20, 2002 10:39 AM
Goes way back before that, 1975 or 1976 I think. The Shimano Crane rear drl kind of became the first Dura Ace rear. It is hard to remember the rest of the stuff (memory fading...can't remember!!) but it was OK but not as good as the Campy Record stuff of the time. They followed this up with Dura-Ace AX, which was an aero group which had some interesting innovations but never caught on. There were other changes and upgrades every few years after that. Maybe the Shimano website has more, don't know.
I agree, I think 75 was the first year. nmDave Hickey
Sep 20, 2002 11:17 AM
Close but actually '73boneman
Sep 21, 2002 1:50 AM
I bought Dura Ace crank, bb, brake set, derailluers, clamp-on DT shifters, clamp on cable guides, HF and LF hubs all from Velocepide of Seattle from their 1973 catalog. As pointed out by others, the rear derailleur was a Crane. Complete crap. It didn't have the classic lines of Campy NR or the crisp shifting of Sun Tour. Mine broke at the forging by the hanger bolt.

I still have everything but the crank. Nicely finished stuff, satin rather than polished but missing the little finishing touches of Campy from that era. Of that gruppo, the hubs are really nicely made. Mine were originally 120mm in the rear but now running both at 126mm on my older frames.
cool, I just bought a Shimano Crane GS rear for a few $'sTig
Sep 20, 2002 3:49 PM
It is unused, mint condition, and is in a Dura Ace box. I thought at first it was placed in the wrong box, but I now know better thanks to your post. I looked closer at the box and it does say
Rear Derailleur
Crane GS Model

Thanks for the info. I'll do some more research and maybe put it up on Ebay.
i am impressedbigrider
Sep 20, 2002 11:25 AM
I have always been impressed with your quick wit and humor but this flash of technical superiority on shimano history has me in a bit of awe.

yu da man!!!!