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Found a classic 531 frame for a single speed project(1 post)

Found a classic 531 frame for a single speed projectTig
Sep 20, 2002 5:26 AM
For only $10 at a garage sale I now have a custom, classic lugged Reynolds 531 Romic frame and fork that fits perfectly. Its old enough to have only 128mm rear spacing, but the Campy dropouts are nice, long and horizontal, which makes it perfect for a single speed. The frame is in good condition, but the color is a nasty metalic light purple (I don't care for 10 bucks!).

For another $30 I bought a pair of 36 spoke wheels with Record hubs, Cinelli bar & stem, new 27" tires for the wheels, an unused Ultegra 600 (old) brake caliper, 3 in the box unused rear derailleurs including a Campy Rally (like the one in the picture below, which should sell for $50+ on Ebay), a very classic looking old Ultegra 600 EX that is still in the box, and some old Shimano "Crane GS" model.

I've already built up the future single speed except for a BB, cranks, BMX freewheel, and a second brake. $5 bought a used pair of Ultegra brake levers at the LBS, and the other items can be had through E-bay, like a flip-flop wheel. I'm using my old CF fork instead of the steel model.

My wife said I looked like a big happy kid all day yesterday! Unfortunately someone else got to the garage sale first and most likely gobbled up all the best items. The woman said that someone bought a big box full of old bike parts. I can only imagine what they found! I can't wait to enjoy the simple life of a single speed junkie...