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99/00 Schwinn Paramount info?(4 posts)

99/00 Schwinn Paramount info?Bicycle019
Sep 19, 2002 5:37 PM
I've got what looks to be either a 99' or 00' Schwinn Paramount frame and I'm looking for more info on it. It's lugged steel, red with a white panel on the downtube. I've heard from various people that both Match and Waterford made some of these frames but I'm not sure.
I've searched here on on Google to no avail. Any help in getting more info on this frame would be appreciated.

re: 99/00 Schwinn Paramount info?aliensporebomb
Sep 20, 2002 4:34 AM
I saw one like that but it was blue with the white panel
with the Schwinn logo on the downtube.

It was seriously expensive, I remember that. It was under
glass at the local Schwinn dealer with halogen lights
shining on it and it was sitting on a red velvet/satin
type fabric. Just the frame.

I heard the scuttlebutt about Waterford making the frames as
well but if it's as nice the frame I saw there should be a
very nice bike in your future.

You think there would be a Schwinn Paramount information
page on the net or something with how popular those bikes
re: 99/00 Schwinn Paramount info?Lactate Junkie
Sep 20, 2002 10:51 AM
Before Schwinn's first bankruptcy, Waterford was Paramount. It is a small factory in Waterford WI. Following the first BR, some ex-Schwinn employees including one of the Schwinn Bros, and the guy who ran Paramount bought it from the court and started Waterford. Schwinn kept the name and it became part of the Scott Sports Group. As far as I know, after the BR (1991?) Waterford never made any more Paramounts. While under Scott ownership and then again under the next owners (can't remember the name) Match in Seattle, made some of the top end steel and Ti Paramounts. However, there were also Paramount's which were made in Taiwan during that time as well. I am not sure how to tell them apart exactly, except that the difference is obvious if you can compare them directly. Now that Schwinn has gone through another BR and is owned (along with GT and Mongoose) by Pacific, I don't think you will ever see the Paramount name again--to bad it is a real piece of American cycling history. Among other things the Paramount out of Waterford back in the late 80's was the first oversized steel bike ever made and started the whole change in how steel bikes were designed.
re: 99/00 Schwinn Paramount info?Lactate Junkie
Sep 27, 2002 8:56 AM
Further update--Ti Paramounts were made by Serotta not Match (Tim Issacs)