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Used road bike help(5 posts)

Used road bike helpkinger
Sep 19, 2002 1:21 PM
Well, after 8 years off the bike I've made the commitment to get back on. I used to race expert XC and will be getting back into racing next season. I already went out and got a new XC racing rig but am stuck with my 8 year old Giant Cadex road bike for road training now and into the winter. I'm not sure I can live with that!!! It's about the same stinkin' weight as my new full suspension MTB.

Anyhow, most of what this bike would be used for is simply training (lots and lots of miles ...) but I imagine I will likely do some local crits and such. I assume going used is best so I can get the best bang for my buck but you guys tell me. I don't want to spend any more than $1500. Question is, what used bikes should I be looking at? Stick with the big manufacturers like Trek, Cannondale, Giant, etc? Which bikes and how old/new should I be concentrating on? I've also contemplated buying a nice used frame and building something up so if you think that's a good option let me know.

Help me get off this dang old road bike! :)
re: Used road bike helpfbg111
Sep 19, 2002 4:40 PM
Oldschooler71 "Please help.. About to buy a bike" 9/18/02 10:38am
empacher6seat "Cheapest bike with 105 or equivalent?" 9/18/02 10:29am

More if you search the forum.
re: Used road bike helpjtolleson
Sep 19, 2002 4:42 PM
If you are really willing to buy used AND spend up to $1500, the world is kinda your oyster. At that price there is ti, high end CF, high end steel, the gamut.

The main lecture you'll get about buying used, esp. if you are shopping the 'net, is that you absolutely must be well informed about your fit. And that can vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The classified on this site are full of late model high end used bikes.
re: Used road bike helpgtx
Sep 19, 2002 6:31 PM
For $1500 I'd go new--a Teesdale with Centaur or Ultegra.

Or check out this guy's selection

Colorado Cyclist and Excel have some nice bikes in that range, too.

The Cadex shouldn't be too bad, though...
re: Used road bike helpaliensporebomb
Sep 20, 2002 4:43 AM
At that price point there are a lot of things you could get.

My local shop is having their annual warehouse sale where
they blow out all of last years models....

They have two Pinarello Angiliru's for about $1299,
Cannondale R700s for around $1000 in the red Saeco
paint job, a Specialized road racer in Festina paint
with Ultegra for $1300 among other things (Erik's in
Minneapolis if anyone is interested).

Another shop I frequent has the Giant TCR2 in medium
for $1099 (I bought this same bike in July for $1300).
(Bikemasters in Minneapolis if you're interested), the
OCR Elite with Campy Centaur and Proton wheels for
$1399 (I saw this same bike for $2000 two months ago)
and the TCR 0 for $1999 (carbon fork, stem, steerer,
seatpost, ksyriums, dura ace, the works).

Lots and lots of options right now.