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Need help fixing a tight chain link.(4 posts)

Need help fixing a tight chain link.Brandon_Raney
Sep 18, 2002 9:18 AM
I just installed a new chain and I can't seem to get the link with the replacement pin to free up. I've tried bending the chain side-to-side and using a screwdriver to pry the plates apart, but that doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Tried using the chain-breaker in the opposite direction?czardonic
Sep 18, 2002 9:34 AM
If you are careful, you can loosen the link a bit before the pin starts to slide out of the plate. Worse case, you start again from scratch, hopefully with better results.
Sep 18, 2002 12:01 PM
If you look at your chain tool, you will see 2 notches where you can set the chain. The one closest to the end (contacts outside plate) is used for breaking the chain and reattaching. The one in the middle is used to loosen the link. Put the broken chain in the end position and push the link through. When the outside of the rivet protrudes to look like it matches the other rivets on the chain, back off the tool and move the chain to the middle notch. Gently nudge the rivet until the other end matches the other rivets. The link should now be free. If for some reason you get it too far, just turn it around and tighten from the other side. If you think about the chain tool a little you will see how it pushes the rivets in a different manner depending upon where the chain is placed. The end result should be a link that looks and moves identical to its brothers. Bending the link side to side is the time honored way of loosening the link for people who did not read the instructions that came with their chain tool.
When in doubt: READ THE DIRECTIONSBrandon_Raney
Sep 19, 2002 7:02 AM
Yep, I suppose that would help if my chain tool had that feature. I've always used the attachment on my mini tool I carry in my seat bag. I guess it's finally time to break down and buy a full size version.