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Camel Back Advice(12 posts)

Camel Back AdvicePEDDLEFOOT
Sep 18, 2002 6:51 AM
I'm thinking of getting the Camel Back Rocket.I've read some good reviews on this site but wanted a few more opinions on it before I decide.Anybody with with experience with this product?I'm basically using it for long distance rides.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Great hydration system/pack...jtferraro
Sep 18, 2002 6:58 AM
My girlfriend has one. The Rocket is nice b/c it is rather lowe profile but still has decent cargo capacity AND holds 72 ounces of water/sport drink. I have the MULE, which holds 100 ouces and has a larger(more raised from your back) profile. It also has more storage capacity and compartments, etc. It is best for mountain biking while, I believe, the Rocket is more ideal for road biking. Since I carry most of the tools mountain biking AND b/c I sweat like crazy, I thought the MULE would be best for me. When I finally buy my road bike, however, I'll be anxious to try her Rocket!

Oh, and the Rocket has a cool "gel pocket" on the sternum strap!

re: I like the fanny pack model made for running.dzrider
Sep 18, 2002 6:58 AM
It holds less but is far more comfortable - less weight, less heat. By the time I've gone through the 45 ounces I'm ready to get off the bike for a few minutes and buy some cold drinks at a convenience store.
re: Camelbak AdviceDougSloan
Sep 18, 2002 7:01 AM
The Rocket works fine. I have a Rocket, 4 Razors, a Classic, and a Siren. The Rocket sort of replaced the Razor, but added a pocket in the back. It works fine. The pocket is big enough for a couple of gel flasks or keys, etc. It also comes with the insulated Tube Director, which I like, as it keeps the mouth piece where you want it. 72 ounces is about right for road use, too.

My preference was the Razor, as it's a little sleeker and less complex, but they discontinued it. I e-mailed Camelbak and asked why, and they said marketing research told them people wanted storage, too.

The Siren is a little small, around 50 ounces, I think, and the Classic just doesn't fit as well.

re: Camel Back AdviceZonPlyr
Sep 18, 2002 7:08 AM
I have a rocket and love it. It has just enough space for me, i'm a pack rat so the limited space works out well. The kitchen sink will not fit in there, but everything else that I feel I need will.
re: Camel Back AdviceJS Haiku Shop
Sep 18, 2002 7:18 AM
i've also been considering the rocket. i have a blowfish, a rogue, and two aerobaks. the aerobaks are 50 ounce with space for your driver's license, the rogue is 72 ounce with space for a bunch of stuff (mostly external/web pouch storage), and the blowfish is 100 oz and can carry enough to stay away overnight, if you pack light. the aerobaks are illuminite, and are discontinued...

the rogue is basically the classic with a webbed pocket. i bought it thinking it was along the lines of the others, but discovered the shoulder straps are webbed instead of padded. the padded shoulder straps of the rocket are what appeal to me. however, the profile of the rocket vs. the rogue seems to be wider versus longer, in that order. looks like the rocket offers 230 cu in of storage (about a small/medium seatpack).

if you use them enough, buying one (another, for me) is not a big deal. what it's worth is only it's value to you, and how much use you get out of it. personally, i'll probably get a rocket, sooner or later, since they're only $40 (or less).

it's nice to have options. i like to ride and not stop so much, when alone. to that end, i use two large bottles on the bike, two smaller bottles in an aero rack (profile, mounted behind the seat), and a camelbak. potential liquid capacity is (32*2)+(24*2)+(100*1)=212 ounces. that's around 15 pounds of liquid and accessories.


"what doesn't kill you, usually hurts like a mutha"
re: Camel Back Alternativeslnin0
Sep 18, 2002 7:38 AM
Personally I prefer the Hydropak Bullet over the Rocket because it has a thinner shape and even more streamline.

The Bullet holds 70oz of fluid and has a single zip up the middle. Inside it has a change pocket with key holder, a pump sleeve and room for a multitool, tube and gelpack. That about pushes the limit of it capacity when filled with water but it still has a very snug low profile and mesh back panel.

The one I have is a black and silver ?vinal? but has held up very well on road and off. The newer models are all black and look a little better but actaully I think the silver helps reflect the sun away from the water and your back.

I really like the bladder. It is a fully opening top that you roll and velcro closed. You would think it has a tendency to leak but it never has. The valve is also very nice. You don't bite it on the 2001 model. There is a little button in the center you press with your tougn or teeth and water gushes out - seems much easier than the amount of sucking you have to do no a camel back. You can also lock it for traveling in your car by twisting the button to the side.

Anyway - you can find them at PricePoint on sale for $25 right now. or two for $45.

Sometimes I think a lot of good alternative products get overlooked just because we are all 'brand' chasers.
on the other hand,...JS Haiku Shop
Sep 18, 2002 9:29 AM
i've tried jandd and nike hydration packs, as well as a brand used by the Navy SEALs (don't ask), and thought nike was the bee's knees 'til i put on a camelbak. it's like night and day. camelbak is in another league. i've never tried hydropak, and don't intend to, unless i'm given one.
re: Camel Back Adviceterry b
Sep 18, 2002 7:40 AM
I have a Rocket, a Razor and a MULE (for MTB only)and I only use the Rocket if I'm going out for more than 3 hours. The Razor, at 50 ozs. is plenty for me on a 2 hour ride which is my regular weekend outing during the hotter months here in the desert.

Used the Rocket on a long hard century this summer and it was great - I actually drank enough to feel really good at the end.

Performance-wise it's pretty nice. Fits well, is not too heavy and I do store some stuff in there. Prefer the Razor for shorter rides, simply because it's so much smaller and more comfortable. Filling it is easy, and I think it's worth it simply because it makes me drink more frequently.
I must disagree on the rocketGinz
Sep 18, 2002 8:48 AM
I have a rocket and found that it constantly shifts on my back. Granted, I was using it for offroad. I recently switched to a Blowfish and find it FAR more comfortable. I believe it has to do with the yoke. The models where the yoke sits higher up on the shoulders are more comfortable for me, more stable. It holds some cargo but you would have to JAM a jersey or jacket in there.

I also have one of the old Hydrobacks, and again, the high yoke feels better. I would not buy a rocket again. In fact, I gave it to a friend.
I shopped features and price, got a HydrapakLone Gunman
Sep 18, 2002 4:50 PM
My needs were: 70oz, S straps, sternum and waist straps, some storage/carrying capacity and a very cleanable bladder. The hydrapak opens like a dry bag. Finally, $37 @ Nashbar.

A plus was the cleaner fluid for free and large capacity hose and valve and exterior shockcord as a carrying space.
Rocket WTF? (why the flap)Luis
Sep 18, 2002 9:41 AM
I just got an 02 rocket to replace my old Lobo. ($60 from outbackgear.) It fits well and is comfortable, but getting the tube through the shoulder strap is a pain,

Has anyone figured out why there's a flap over the zipper? Does it have a function--it just seems to be in the way.