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Taking my BIKE to a BEER conference in Napa, anybody...(7 posts)

Taking my BIKE to a BEER conference in Napa, anybody...rwbadley
Sep 18, 2002 6:49 AM
in that area want to go for a ride?

The beer conference is the Northern California Homebrewers Festival. It's really just like two hundred of your best friends getting together for a three day party.

I like to take a bike to this event because it gives me something to do other than drink beer (like there is anything more important than drinking beer).

If any of you are in the area of Napa CA, let me know on this board today if you want to get together for a ride. I'll be down Thursday-Sunday at the park just east of town. I can do road or trails on the hybrid Bianchi.

Ron B
That's just wrong!mr_spin
Sep 18, 2002 7:04 AM
You drink wine in Napa, not beer.

The park just east of town? That's probably Skyline, which is where they used to hold the MTB world cup race.

I won't be up there, but I can suggest some rides. This is a great place to ride.

Starting in Napa, a nice loop is to go out Old Sonoma Road to Buhman to Redwood Road. Old Sonoma Road gets some traffic, but the rest is mostly nice country roads or wide boulevards. At Redwood, turn left to head into the hills. Redwood becomes Mt. Veeder Road, which is a nice little climb. It gets steeper as you go. It's very cool back here, dark and mysterious. There is a pretty good descent on the other side which takes you to Dry Creek Road. Take Dry Creek Road all the way back to Redwood Road, turn left and head back into town. Off the top of my head, this is probably a 30-35 mile ride.

If you want to climb a real mountain, head up Atlas Peak Road. It goes off the side of the Silverado Country Club. There's almost no traffic, and a lot of bizarre volcanic terrain. The best way to do this ride is, from Napa, head up 3rd Street to Coombsville Road. (You're not that far away from 3rd St if you're at Skyline.) Turn left on 3rd Ave, bear right when it ends. You are still on 3rd Ave, which winds through vineyards and horse ranches. It's very cool back here. It loops around, changes names to Hagen, and passes the Napa Country Club. Turn right on Vichy, turn left on Monticello, turn right on Atlas Peak Road. Ride down past the Silverado Country Club and head up the hill at the other end. To get back, turn right on Monticello, which takes you back to Trancas at Silverado Trail. This is another short ride, probably 30 miles.

Finally, there is the Tour of Napa 100K route. This is a popular ride done in August every year. It starts in Yountville, at the Vet's home, goes up to Rutherford, crosses over to Silverado, and heads up Hwy 128 into Pope Valley. If you are staying in Napa, you might want to drive up to Rutherford or Oakville, because it's a long way up Silverado to ride there, and coming home, you'll face nice headwinds for 20 miles. Anyway, head up 128. This is a narrow climb, but not bad. There is one moderately steep drag, but then it calms down as you ride along the lake. Turn left at Lower Chiles Valley Road. This is one of the great cycling roads of all time. You go through narrow canyons, short but steep uphills, fast downhills, before finally breaking out onto a very fast country road. There's almost no traffic out here, which makes it even better. Eventually it turns into Pope Valley Road, and you go through a very small town. There's a store here to buy food and water, which you will likely need. It gets hot out here, and it's about to get even hotter. Continue on Pope Valley Road until you get to Ink Grade. Gear down and turn left. Ink Grade ends at White Cottage Road. Turn right, where a little more climbing awaits. Finally, you get a nice descent. When you hit Deer Park Road, turn right. This is a very fast descent, and there is traffic. Towards the bottom, you'll come to a Y-intersection. This is Sanitarium Road. Turn right. Here it gets a little scary, because there is a hill in front of you that is so steep, cars disappear into specks! Head towards it, but turn left at the last moment on Glass Mountain Road. Whew! Take this road all the way to Silverado Trail. Turn left, ride back to wherever you started. If you started in Yountville, ride until you come to Yountville Cross Road. There are not a lot of opportunities to buy water and food along the way, so make sure you take enough, and make sure you hit the store in Pope Valley.
Thanks for the tip on routes, Don't worry, the vino will not..rwbadley
Sep 18, 2002 11:54 AM
be ignored. WE do plan to stop at a winery or two, and take a look at a new hard (apple) cider outlet.

If your in Calistoga....SnowBlind
Sep 18, 2002 2:39 PM
Visit Palisades Mountian Sport. Yeah, they got road bikes too... Bianchi, Seven etc.
They are behind the firestation on Lincoln. They have several route slips available, and if it is quiet, they might go with you...and pound you into the ground if they can.

Oh, and they will also do just about anything to your bike for a six pack!
re: Taking my BIKE to a BEER conference in Napa, anybody...mickey-mac
Sep 18, 2002 2:01 PM
I don't have any good tips on rides, but suggest that you check out Bear Republic if you don't already plan to do so: I've tried all of their bottled beer and can't say enough good things about them. The only one that didn't knock me out was the Extra Pale Ale, but I'm not a big fan of the style anyhow. Hop Rod Rye and the stout are amazing. The people who run BR are supposed to be very hospitable.
Nice, thanks for the link... I'll quaff a few for you nmrwbadley
Sep 18, 2002 3:50 PM
don't let your bike have any, though.(nm)rufus
Sep 19, 2002 7:06 AM