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need some opinions from DC area riders(16 posts)

need some opinions from DC area ridersDark Sonix
Sep 17, 2002 11:48 AM
DC area riders familiar with the "Arlington triangle" loop ride, which is essentially Mt. Vernon to Four mile run to WOD to Custis:

There is a very steep hill that is at an intersection where the WOD starts in arlington. at the corner is a gas station on one side and apartments from the other. i dont know the name of the road. if you are coming from the airport (clockwise), you will see the hill straight ahead a few kms after you pass through shirlington (pedestrian bridge.

The question is this: what is the approximate grade of the hill? guesstimates and hard scientific data welcome.

steep. nmbill
Sep 17, 2002 12:30 PM
Steeper than it lookspmf1
Sep 17, 2002 12:37 PM
Especially when you get to the top and ride back down looking at that traffic light and all those cars at the bottom.

My guesstimate would be in the neighborhood of 12-13 percent. Strictly a guess though.
agreedDark Sonix
Sep 17, 2002 1:05 PM
my buddy and i think about 15% but thats a guess too. its nice to have it right there for hill repeats on an otherwise flat/short climb route.

if you ever see a guy on a white klein, give a nod. i wear the understated euskatel jersey so i dont get plowed at dusk.
Sep 18, 2002 4:18 AM
I'd say less than 15%. I rode up a steeper hill once in Tuscany and had my picture taken at the top next to the sign that said "caution 15% grade".

Its close to 15%, but not quite.

And it is Walter Reed.
Walter Reed?Fez
Sep 17, 2002 1:09 PM
No idea of the grade, but I recall it was steep enough to make sitting and spinning nearly impossible for me with a 39-23. I pretty much had to stand the whole way. I forgot what gear I used standing, but it certainly is do-able multiple times if you stand but go easy.

I heard some folks would train on it and do it 10 times in a workout.
Directions from Capital Hill......cdale02
Sep 17, 2002 1:53 PM
I'm new to D.C. and would like to check that route out. Can you list directions from Capital Hill.... or Downtown D.C.?

Here ya go....Dark Sonix
Sep 17, 2002 2:03 PM
14th Street bridge near Jefferson memorial is probably the best way to get on this route from the Hill. You can also use Key bridge in G-town.

the hill in question is at mile 7.7/7.8 on the cue sheet.
Here ya go....cdale02
Sep 17, 2002 3:06 PM
Thanks! I've been looking for routes in the area. Great site.
Here ya go....jtkirk15
Sep 18, 2002 5:30 AM
I'm the buddy of which Dark Sonix speaks. I don't have much to compare that hill to, but it is not fun (for me atleast) to go up. Hey Cdale02, if you are interested in some rides around here let me know. I'm sure you can join Dark Sonix and myself sometime. Also, I'm a member of NCVC, and we have some great training rides if you are interested in racing. Good luck!
How does one (me) find out about NCVC training rides? I hookedbill
Sep 18, 2002 5:33 AM
up once with a HUGE NCVC ride from G-town. It was fun. But they don't have regular rides on their website.
How does one (me) find out about NCVC training rides? I hookedjtkirk15
Sep 18, 2002 6:01 AM
Shoot me an email Bill -

Are you interested in racing or just fast group rides? Reason I ask is because I know of some rides that would be good for both.
I've done a little racing; each time with its own, particularbill
Sep 18, 2002 6:34 AM
humiliation, and I'd like to continue. I think I'm going to do the road championships in Culpeper on the 29th, if I can still register. I don't think that those in contention for an actual championship have much to fear, but, it's late in the season, lots of burnout, etc., maybe it won't be too gruesome. I also like fast group rides.
NCVC Training RidesGregory Taylor
Sep 18, 2002 6:20 AM
I'd be interested in NCVC training rides as well...looking to race a bit more next year. Did a couple of races this year with very mixed results.
NCVC Training Ridesjtkirk15
Sep 18, 2002 6:34 AM
Email me! Address above.
re: need some opinions from DC area ridersFattrax
Sep 18, 2002 11:32 AM
I got a contour map from the Arlington County website. I figure roughly 13%. I've done it a couple of times. Its definitely a lung buster. What sucks is you have that stop light at the bottom that kills all the fun coming down.