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Adios, Yourbikesource...(11 posts)

Adios, Yourbikesource...WrigleyRoadie
Sep 17, 2002 10:33 AM
Looks like everyone's most loved/hated ebay bikestuff seller just got yanked again. I came really close to buying Time pedals from them last week, but got a suh-weet pair of Look CX-7s from bitz4bikes, who I've bought from three times and really enjoy working with.

Anyone have the low-down on yourbikesource? Think they'll appear under another name.... or have they already?
re: Adios, Yourbikesource...flying
Sep 17, 2002 10:42 AM
They are

Ooops I meant Bikesandbeyondflying
Sep 17, 2002 10:49 AM
I didnt mean to post a link to the question section ;-)
re: Adios, Yourbikesource...LC
Sep 17, 2002 10:57 AM
3175 positives
106 neutrals
119 negatives
3400 sales! Not even counting the ones that did not give feedback.

That is only 3.5% for unhappy buyers. The ratio is actually not that bad if you actually read the complaints hardly anyone got totally screwed, just delayed. I don't get why anyone but someone trying to compete in sales with them would complain?
Yeah what's their deal? Any help would be appreciated..VO2_max
Sep 17, 2002 1:03 PM
Did they have a contact with a European distributor? Were they selling grey market goods? Or were they just selling for less than shops from US distibutors?

Very curious if anyone knows what the deal is?

Yeah what's their deal? Any help would be appreciated..nazgul
Sep 17, 2002 1:08 PM
Well, I just received a pair of Castelli bike shorts from their successor bikes and beyond. They answered e-mails and shipped very promptly. Why is their stuff so much cheaper? I assume they import stuff themselves, e.g. the castelli shorts I received were made in Itally (I believe castelli's sold in the US are made in the US) and have slightly different logos than the ones I've seen in colorado cyclist.
Yeah what's their deal? Any help would be appreciated..jwarrenod
Sep 17, 2002 1:33 PM
It took them about 15 days (happened in May, it could have been longer actually) from receipt of payment to ship my Ksyrium Elites. I think that they were posting items for auction that they did not have in inventory, would order the item after they got paid for it and ship it once they received it. With no overhead in inventory and no floor space, you can sure sell for less and turn a good profit.

I have several friends in the bike industry, one reps PI and Rudy Project and the other reps Mavic. Both weren't happy to see YourBikeSource doing business that way, and against the Rudy Project agreement if I recall the one I signed before putting Rudy's in my optometric practice....

I complained to Ebay and the BBB in their area. All this after talking to them on the phone and getting a very smart ass reply to my negative feedback.

I got the product that I won, in good condition at a good price. But their customer service sucked.

jwarr- were the reps upset about their selling the stuff? or..Old_school_nik
Sep 18, 2002 5:54 AM
were they upset about the poor customer service they were providing? I wonder if they started to get complaints from regualr dealers?

jwarr- were the reps upset about their selling the stuff? or..jwarrenod
Sep 18, 2002 6:56 AM
Poor customer service by a retailer trickles back to reflect on the manufacturer whether its the manufacturer's fault or not. And they were competing with the reps usual customers with an entirely different business model (and one that ultimately failed).

re: Adios, Yourbikesource...rbb
Sep 18, 2002 6:31 AM
They were terrible!! I bought one thing from them and it the worst eBay experience I ever had. I bought a Park Truing stand, got the email from them with the invoice, paid with paypal and emailed them to notify them I paid- all within a couple hours of auction end! I did not hear from them for a week, then got an email to pay, replied that i had paid and they said "ok, our bad, it's on it's way", then two weeks later I emailed to see where it was and they didn't get back to me for a few days and then played the contact person game and kept giving me different people's addresses to contact about the order. This went on for another week. I finally emailed the person with whom the site is registered to and they got back to me within a few days saying it will ship! (will SHIP!!???-Damn thing should of shipped weeks ago!) anyways, I finally got it about a week later! Opened it up, screwed in the adjustment knob and the bottom of the extension arm broke from the tack weld and it was unusable till i had a friend weld it up for me. Factory seconds maybe??? That was my guess. So, it was a real pain with that dealer for me. Sorry to rant, but I've had that one bottled up since spring time. Thanks

don't worry about the rant their service is unforgivable... I doVO2_max
Sep 18, 2002 2:26 PM
think that there should be more competition at the high end of bike parts though and they seemed to be listing some legit stuff a bit cheaper than other places in this country - I would never have ordered from them - because of the poor service but...$185 for Castelli shorts? you can buy pairs of Nalini shorts for that - and they wear themn in the tour too .. now there's a rant for you...