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Polar S-710 vs. Ciclosport HAC 4(3 posts)

Polar S-710 vs. Ciclosport HAC 4kinger
Sep 17, 2002 6:56 AM
Does anyone have experience with both of these computers/heart rate monitors? I am looking for something that includes cadence as well as having the option to download info to a computer for training purposes. The power function is not overly important but may be something I look into at a later time. What I'd like to hear is people's opinions on both of these. They go for about the same price so it comes down to functionality.

Thanks in advance.
re: Polar S-710 vs. Ciclosport HAC 4Lactate Junkie
Sep 17, 2002 7:26 AM
Go with the Polar. The HAC 4 is hard to use, the software is very poor compared to the Polar and the unit itself is ugly to boot. The HAC also has a bunch of stupid functions that no one but a geek would want. Finally, the power feature on the HAC 4 is a joke. It does not work with any degree of repeatability, which makes it IMHO totally worthless. The Polar power system doesn't seem to be as accurate as a Power Tap or an SRM but at least it is consistent from condition to condition.
Agree: Returned my ciclosport because of inaccuracies.nmthatsmybush
Sep 17, 2002 9:14 AM