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Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciated(13 posts)

Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciatedhumbert
Sep 17, 2002 6:41 AM
I am interested in any thoughts on Coppi frames, particularly the 2002 KCN2 team used by Colpack this year - I have a friend of a friend that may be able to get me a deeply discounted ( new) 2002 Colpack team bike and I have no experince with Coppi bikes - I checked the maufacturer directories here and Coppi is not listed. Other websearches didn't get me much more. Thanks.
I have one.Eager Beagle
Sep 17, 2002 8:41 AM
An airplane Al about 2 years old. I really like it - light, and with the snaked rear stays, it's very comfortable too. People say they have very steep geo, but the stats don't really bare that out IMO - in any event, mine is plenty stable down the hills.

They are a very respected long standing frame maker - you can't go wrong with them if you like the fit.

There is a k28 on offer here too for interest's sake:

re: Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciatedhumbert
Sep 17, 2002 9:05 AM
Thanks for the info. I researched further, including calling the Coppi distibutor in the US, and found that the frame Colpack rides is the KCN Star with "curved Columbus Muscle seat and chain stays". The frame material is Columbus Starship aluminum. This sounds like one fast and stiff frame and the carbon stays should smooth out some harshness. I'm pumped at the chance to get a high zoot ride like this one. For anyone interested the Coppi site is
KCN Star in person...5ive
Sep 17, 2002 10:38 AM
is very very nice. One of the most beautiful looking bike I've ever seen. My LBS owner rides one with Campy Carbon cranks and Eurus wheels. It's also freakishly light... say about 16Lbs. I did a test ride in the parking lot so I couldn't tell much about how it rides, but I did notice a very tight cockpit for its size (short top tube). This owner has always been a big Coppi fan. He believes in their quality and craftsmanship. His shop is an authorized US dealer and he visited their italian factory multiple times so I think he knows what he's talking about. He also told me that Coppi makes alot of frames for other italian brands that we've heard of.
re: Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciatedunger
Mar 23, 2003 8:40 PM
I ride a millenium. It's the most responsive frame i've ever been on (see my review under Coppi frames) only problem is the paint job (see discussion posted 3/22 on paint chips) How long it will hold up for, being so light and thin- i have no idea- but remember they had the same concerns about altec when it first came out, and now it looks like the "safe" alternative. We may feel the same about starship in a couple of years. Columbus is not exactly a fly by night operation. The new KCN model with carbon seat and chain stays looks like a bow to comfort, i suspect it will not perform as well as the all alum millenium- i went out of my way to avoid carbon in either of the triangles.
re: Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciatedNo_sprint
Sep 17, 2002 9:19 AM
I've ridden one and have several teammates with Coppis. They are all beauts, undoubtedly. As stated above, long time builder, well respected, known for quality, etc. I'd put one up against any Colnago or Pinarello. Only difference is less name recognition and less premium pricing structure because of it. They aint cheap by any stretch of the imagination, at least not around here.
Thanks - a final notehumbert
Sep 17, 2002 4:08 PM
The bike is an actual Colpak bike that was USED by the team for several months - it is definetly a 2002 KCN Star( team). It could have 10,000 miles on it, but hey - how often will I get a shot at owning a piece of cylcing history ( a very small and inconsequential piece but a piece nonetheless )as well as a great deal on a used bike of this quality. I will post a review after I ride the first thousand miles or so. Arrivederci.
re: Any one ride/ know Coppi frames - any thoughts appreciatedLactate Junkie
Sep 18, 2002 10:10 AM
A few years ago a big mid to low range Italian bike manufacturer(I forget which one) bought the rights to the Coppi name so that they could get into the high end market. At this point, Coppi's are a good production bike not much more or less, they have nothing to do with Fausto or his estate.
You really have no idea do you? nm.Eager Beagle
Sep 20, 2002 2:43 AM
No more than a good production bike...Eager Beagle
Sep 24, 2002 1:18 AM
Yeah - standard stuff. Won the Giro, that's all....
No more than a good production bike...Lactate Junkie
Sep 27, 2002 8:52 AM
Whatever--Lots of good production bikes do well in the Giro, Tour etc.--Trek,Cannondale, Giant, Specialized even a made in Taiwan house brand for Decathlon. The point was that the bike has nothing to do with Fausto in anything other than the fact that a factory with no history in high end bikes bought the rights to the name to enter the upper end market. It would be like if Huffy bought the rights to Lance's name after he retires and set up a high end line called Armstrong. Nothing wrong with it, just the way it is.
Fair enough, it's just thatEager Beagle
Sep 27, 2002 9:12 AM
your post:

"bought the rights to the Coppi name so that they could get into the high end market. At this point, Coppi's are a good production bike not much more or less"

Makes it sound like they haven't got there yet, but they are still trying. They have been making very good frames for very many years.
And here's the low-down on the makers...Eager Beagle
Sep 27, 2002 9:26 AM