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A recipe for disaster(3 posts)

A recipe for disasterAllisonHayes
Sep 17, 2002 6:06 AM
Fall, early morning commute, rush hour, low sun, stale green light, Monday morning...

So yesterday this girl was commuting to work and was peddling hard to make a light. The sun was low in the sky and directly in the eyes of oncoming traffic. I stopped as the light turned yellow. She blew by me. A SUV (purely coincidence) turned left directly into the cyclist.

The SUV didn't see her. She lets out a scream and, wham, down she goes. She was pretty shaken up, but was otherwise OK. At least she was wearing a helmet. Her bike had a few scrapes but no obvious damage. No tickets were issued.

All-in-all, she was very fortunate.

Lessons learned?:

- Cyclists and drivers are unusually prone to being stupid on Monday morning commutes
- The fall sun is particularly blinding when it is low in the sky
- Don't push your luck at lights - ride under control so you can stop in time if someone is turning

Other precautions?:

- When it rains, particularly after a dry period, there seems to be an oil slick on the roads. There also seems to be more accidents due to cars skidding on the slick pavement.
- Of course, there are the wet leaves that will prevent you from stopping quickly as well.
- It seems there is more broken glass from beer bottles during the fall (does this have anything to do with partying after football games?)

Any other lessons learned?

Anyway, be careful out there...
same thing happened to me..........C-mond
Sep 17, 2002 6:47 AM
not really. i was in a bike lane and a suv traveling in the smae direction passes me then immediately takes a right turn while I am planning on travelling straight across the intersection. I try to brake and take the turn with the moron but can't fit and bash ribs against quarter panel.....go to hospital fractured rib, 4in scar on leg and dented bike frame- overall scratched bike. it was 8am on a bright saturday morning, red/white team jersey and a yellow bike. People are so blind sometimes. Honestly it could have been really bad, thankfully no real big damage except shaking me up quite a bit.

Lessons learned: people don't pay attention, cycling is dangerous no matter where you are, cars always win on the road. But cyclist generally win in court.......

If the moron's insurance would have immediately covered the bills and bike repair it would have appeased me......but screw with me and deny my claim and you will be talking court dates with my attorney,

I live somewhere else now and feel much safer on the roads even though there are no bike lanes here.
Other Lessonsgrzy
Sep 17, 2002 9:56 AM
Wear your helmet - you never know when your number is going to come up.

Not all injuries are apparent at the time of the accident. I've had neck type injuries show up two weeks *after* a wreck and last for over five months. Get all the info - you may find that you're going to need it later.